How To Keep Your Computer Free From Malware

Online security has become the number one concern for most computer users browsing the internet. Identity theft is so prevalent that people are sacred going online. The main reason is, most people using the internet do not have the basic technical knowledge of how to protect their computers by installing the appropriate software that will prevent malicious programs from stealing their identity and destroying their computers.

Here are some basic steps and instructions computer users can follow and implement to protect their online privacy and identity.

Purchase or download free anti-spyware software and install it on your system.  Always remember to get the latest updates.

Secondly, purchase or download free anti-virus software and install it. Update your anti-virus program to stay current with the latest updates based on the fact that new viruses are released daily.

Install a firewall software if you do not have one on your  system. This program builds a wall between your computer and others on the internet. If you are using Windows XP,  Vista, or windows seven or eight, login to your control panel, then scroll down to the bottom. You should see windows firewall icon.  Click on the icon and follow the instructions to turn on your firewall if it is turned off.

These three programs will protect the system, detect and block malicious software from destroying it and steal your identity.

Do a full scan periodically with both anti-spyware and anti-virus programs to detect any malicious software that is attempting to attach itself to your computer without your knowledge. Also, check to ensure your firewall is turned on at all times.

By carrying out routine maintenance, will ensure that your entire system is always protected and free from intrusion of any malicious software that could take it over and also destroy it.

It is imperative that you remember and take pre-emptive action to upgrade these software on a regular basis so that they will be able to detect and destroy new viruses and malwares that are being released.

Things You Will Need

Anti-Virus Software
Anti-Spyware Software
Firewall Software

Always Pay Attention To Your Computer Security

Online security is the number one concern facing computer users, as a result, you must take the necessary action to protect your computers from malicious software.

Tips & Warnings

Scan your system periodically with both anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.
Ensure your firewall is always on.