Laptops are not cheap items these days so we need to protect them at all times.Damage is more prevalent when carrying it back and forth from your office to home or when in transit anywhere. Most people know how to clean the outside casing or clean the keyboards yet neglect to take care of the laptop itself.



Accidents can happen at any time.The majority of laptop users have carry bags for them so why not use them.If you were to drop your laptop or it slips from your hands it can do a lot of damage especially if it falls onto a hard concrete floor.Not only may it break or crack the outside casing it could damage your hard drive. Then again it may damage one of the numerous soldering points on the motherboard which may not be so easy to find as there are a lot of them, some hidden under other parts.



The CPU could also be damaged and they are not always cheap. None of the computer or laptop parts are cheap.Therefore it could be an expensive slip from your hands.



Looking after your keypad




Many typing errors are often not a fault of the keyboard operator but the keypad itself. It may be dirty.When did you last clean it? As I am typing this I am looking at my own desktop computer keyboard. It is dare I say disgusting.

They are

·Do not eat at your computer– guilty as charged

·Do not drink at your computer– guilty as charged



My husband and I both use this computer and yes we have failed, we do eat and drink at our computer.



By eating near or around your computer or laptop, you could and will drop crumbs of bread or bits and pieces of food in between the keys on your keyboard or keypad.



By drinking you could cause more serious problems.If you accidentally spilt your beer or coffee over your keyboard or keypad you may cause destruction to it.Liquid could cause it to stop working all together.A keyboard may not be so costly although the keypad on your laptop would be a lot more expensive to fix.



Therefore avoid this from happening at all costs.





Disconnect them from all forms of power supply. Use a soft bristled small paint brush turn upside down and working from one end start to brush between all the keys from one end down to the other.This way you will dislodge any crumbs or bits and pieces from behind the keys.Now tap it lightly on the back to remove any excess bits.



With a damp not wet cloth wipe it all over including the keys. Don't forget to clean all the cords while you are cleaning the rest. Make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting back to the power.



If you have damaged your keyboard or keypad then you should take it back to your computer shop and have them check it out. Do not try a fixit job yourself.



Keep laptops out of the sun and away from heat



Always keep your laptop out of direct sun and away from any form of heat.If laptops are accidentally left in a locked car during the heat of the day it could do it harm. There are mixed reactions on this.Some people say it could affect the CPU others say no.



I would still avoid leaving it in the car in the middle summer in the heat of the day as it could warp the casing. I have had many of my DVD's warp when left in the glove compartment of our car in the summer.





Using a normal mouse


If you are having trouble using the laptop mouse then hook a normal usb mouse up to your laptop and use that. I get so frustrated with the laptop one, so just thought I would add that to maybe help others with this problem.



I hope this will help you to look after your laptop, and save you money buy remembering to carry your laptop in its bag.