The majority of homes around the world would consist of one or more rooms fitted with carpets. With the exception of a broom and vacuum machine, the minority of these home owners owns the industrial tools required to maintain and keep their carpets clean. Simply open the classifieds section of any newspaper, nationally or locally, and you will notice a number of carpet cleaners advertising their services. This is where the majority of people acquiring services of carpet cleaners obtain their services from. Not all carpet cleaning businesses operates honestly. This is a competitive market where this industry aims to keep overhead costs low and perform as much cleaning services as possible, opening the door for consumers to be scammed by unscrupulous businesses. How these scams work Some advertisements in newspapers are no more than advertisements. Once a victim calls such fraudsters, the victim is required to pay a deposit before cleaning commence. Once the deposit is paid, the work will never be done. Some businesses might advertise making use of the latest wonder chemicals in cleaning carpets. Upon completing their work and receiving the requested payments, the victim will find that the carpets have been wet with only water, and that no cleaning has been conducted. How to protect yourself against these scams Research the business Always research the business you intend to use. Ensure that they have been established for a long period of time. You could contact the newspaper to determine the period of advertisements or simply search the Internet for any comments left by clients. Get all quotes in writing Ensure that you ask for a quote in writing the company, in detail stating what they will be doing, how they will be doing it and the material they will be using. Ask questions Always ask the following questions before making a decision: Will you be moving furniture or work around them? What chemicals will be using for cleaning? Are there extra charges for stain removal, heavy traffic areas and protectants? How long will it take for the work to be completed? Are there any warrantees on the work? Will I be compensated for any damage caused during the cleaning process? Always ask for the all-inclusive price. You do not need any surprises when it comes to settling your bill.