The dangers to humans during a solar flare event,  coronal mass ejection or CME fall into two categories. You are likely familiar with the dangers of the first which comes from exposure to ultra-violet radiation which can cause sunburn and eventually skin cancer. Thus the conventional wisdom of staying indoors, keeping skin covered by clothing, wearing sunglasses and sunscreen apply.

 The second category is a bit more tricky to mitigate against. Solar flares release powerful high-energy particles that can cause radiation poisoning to animals and humans much in the same way that radiation from a nuclear blast does. Here are some tips for mitigating damage to you and your family.

 Stay sheltered during daylight hours-- The more mass you can put between yourself and the source of radiation the better. A typical one or two story house does not provide sufficient protection from the penetrating x rays of a large CME. You should seek shelter on the lowest floor of a large building. A good idea is to be familiar with the buildings which used to be Civil Defense Era Fallout Shelters in your community since these are constructed with areas that are sufficiently shielded from radiation. The Federal Government actually stocked most of these with supplies until the 80's before the shelter program was discontinued. Many churches and libraries as well as other public buildings actually still have signs identifying them as public fallout shelters.

 To mitigate against the effects of any significant radiation exposure (including that from a nuclear device) you should have a few items on hand. The first and most available is sodium bicarbonate a.k.a. Baking soda. If exposed you will need to bath in it, gargle with it and drink it mixed with water to help pull out the radiation and assist you body in getting rid of free radicals. Another good thing to have on hand is a supply of Potasium Iodide tablets which will protect your thyroid in the event of heavy radiation exposure.

 If none of these solutions to radiation poisoning suits you and you like Asian food,. here is a story which may inspire you with some good advice for combating radiation poisoning.

 Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D., was director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Nagasaki located 1 mile from the blast from the bomb which was dropped on the city during in 1945. He immediately placed all hospital staff and patience on a macrobiotic diet of brown rice, Tamari soy sauce, sea salt and wakami (imagine that) and also banned the consumption of all sugars. The outcome was that everyone in the hospital survived radiation poisoning simply by just being really Japanese.

 We can only hope that the current solar cycle does not cause massive amounts of radiation and that you will never need this advice. Our second hope should be that the geomagnetic storms do not cause long term disruptions in our electrical grid which would surely result in a worldwide economic collapse as I mentioned in a related article.  Best of luck!