Purchasing music files from Amazon is a simple process and here's how you can get your MP3 file downloaded and up and running. Are you an avid music fan or do you just want to enjoy your songs at your desktop or on-the-go? Digitally downloaded music is becoming more evident as technology increases. Downloading music from Amazon is a legal way of obtaining the albums and files of your favorite artist with the convenience of instant access and home-based purchase. If you're wondering how the process works, then here's what you need to know.

Things You Will Need

Computer Internet Connection Credit Card or Paypal Account

Step 1

Visit the Amazon Store Naturally, your first stop to purchasing your music is to visit the Amazon store. The Amazon MP3 store houses all of the music you want, and this conveniently provides you with access to get your songs in a matter of minutes. Moreover, if you want to search for that specific song in mind, the search bar offers you that convenience. Just type in what you want and click "GO" to get immediate results.

Step 2

Listen to Samples Before you wish to make that purchase, you can listen to samples found. You can preview the music you are about to download so you get a picture of what you want. Samples are available for all music in the store, so that will effectively give you the much needed assurance. You can listen to single songs or even previews of songs in an album. The sample feature will give you an insight on the quality of music and the song itself so you don't end up buying the wrong MP3 file.

Step 3

Make the Purchase With the 1-click-payment method available at your fingertips, Amazon offers you instant purchase measures. The music file or album you download will be automatically added to your account, where you can download it later. You can use the payment setting you set up for things to go smoothly while you buy your songs. The purchase is as seamless as the whole process, so you don't waste any time buying your favorite music.

Step 4

Download the Music After everything's set, you can use the Amazon MP3s downloader application or simply download it through your browser to get your MP3 file. The convenience of Amazon provides you with seamless downloading that will stream your music to your computer in no time. Music can be then played through your music player or placed in your own MP3 device to enjoy music on-the-go. You now own the song so you should make sure you keep it to yourself as it is protected by copyright and other laws. Enjoying your music can be done through the convenience Amazon has in the process. Buying from Amazon is relatively simple and easy to do. Just browse around and select your song. After you make the payment, you can easily download the Amazon MP3 file and listen to your heart's content. This makes Amazon a neat source of music downloads where you can download a few music files all the way to whole albums with just a simple click. In that way, you can surely and smoothly download music from Amazon to enjoy them on-the-go or at home.

Tips & Warnings