Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home.

If it is not right for you a proper restful sleep may never come. Of course, as part of your boudoir a bed needs to be perfect for romancing, as well as sleeping.

Create a peaceful sleeping area

Here is some advice on how to buy the perfect bed for you, and yours.

Things You Will Need


To know what you want

A list of health and allergy issues

Full measurements which take account of headboards, footboards, bedside cabinets and the space between beds.

A colour scheme in mind

To shop around

Common sense

Step 1

Kids love bunk bedsCabin beds may offer much more

Bunk. Single, Double, Queen, King or Super King, the choice is yours.

Bunk beds are perfect for family homes, where space is at a premimum. You will need to consider whether your children are sensible enough for these beds, but bunk beds can be fun. Your children may be more inclined to go to bed on time, if they are sleeping in a bunk bed. You may, however, have to settle a few arguements about who sleeps in the top bunk.

Cabin beds often offer built in desk or cupboard space.

Single beds are not only used for guest beds, or single people, these days. Many married couples, or couples in a relationship, opt for single beds, at some time in their lifes. If you are going to have two single beds, in one room, you will need to check if there is enough space.

Queen or 3/4 size beds offer a little more room, for those who like to sprawl in their beds. They are also useful for smaller rooms where a larger bed is required but cannot be accommodated.

Double beds were traditionally couple's beds. However, with people growing taller and heavier, many couples prefer King Size beds, these days. Super King offers the maximum sized bed. Anything larger will no doubt have to be specially made, and will cost a small fortune.

Remember that King Size beds are not always a greal deal, if at all, longer than a double bed. The width is, however, a good deal wider.

It is also possible to a double or king sized bed that actually has two individual sleeping areas. This means that each side can have a different firmness of mattress and more.

Step 2

Will your bedroom accommodate a four poster bed Divan base, or not

If you plump for a divan based bed you will be able to include storage, if preferred. Many divan bases have two or four drawers for storage.

However, if you buy a bed frame you will be able to store items under the bed, anyway. Bed frames can be more stylish and you can choose from wood, brass and more.

Consider how long you hope to keep this bed for. You may want something that is in a classic style and that will not date quickly.

You must use your common sense though. Four poster beds, with flowing drapes, will look ridiculous in some ordinary homes.

Step 3


If you have a good bed it may last almost a lifetime. However, mattresses usually need to be changed at least every ten years.

In order to maximise the comfort and life expectancy of your mattress, ensure that you follow the manufacturer's care instructions. It is not always advised to vacuum mattresses these days. Most mattresses, though, need turning regularly. This will increase the mattresses longevity and aid a good night's rest.

Check out options such as Tempur mattresses which give a great night's sleep. They are a little more pricey but could be worth the bigger price.

Step 4



Of course you will no doubt want a headboard. This is where you can spash out a little and experiment with your own style. Check out what is available or make your own. If you have to change the headboard more frequently, if it dates quickly, it should not be a problem as it will cost less money.

Mattress protectors.

Mattress protectors are quite cheap to buy but very useful. Remember to wash them regularly in order to keep your bedroom smelling fresh.

Mattress toppers and feather toppers.

You can buy memory foam mattress toppers to enhance your sleeping experience and possibly extend the life of your mattress. Feather beds are bought and placed on top of the bed for a very comfy sleep.

Health issues

Do not forget to consider any health issues. If you suffer from back, bone and or joint problems an orthopaedic mattress may suit you perfectly. Resarch the subject fully before buying.

Many people think that a firm mattress will suit their bad back, but then find it does not. A firm mattress may actually be too hard for someone with back problems. Remember, also, that mattresses soften with time and so a new mattress that is very soft, may be unusable within a short space of time.

If you have any allergies think about what materials have been used to make your bed. Asthmatics, for example, can not usually tolerate feathers. As all beds accumlate dust mites, over time, see what products and materials are avilable to minimise this accumulation.

New bed linen and pillows

New bed linen and pillows will complete your new bed. Hypoallergenic materials are available for those with allergies or asthma. Having spent so much on your bed why not invest in some easy care, but long lasting, classic bed linen.

However great your new bed is, it may take sometime to get used to. If you are lucky you will be snoozing soundly from night one.

When you are buying a bed think about where you are going to place it in the room. Sometimes there is only one obvious place. Other rooms, however, allow for you to personalise the room and perhaps follow feng shui.

There are people who believe that a better night's sleep is attained if you sleep with your feet facing the West. I do not know how true this is but perhaps, if you have space, you can experiment until you find the perfect sleeping position for you.

Tips & Warnings

Work out your budget and remember to include extras such as headboards, pillows and bed linen.

Follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Do not position next to a source of heat, such as a radiator.

Do not block an exit with a bed.