Soft PawsStopping Your Cats from Clawing Furniture

I have had two cats for nearly two years and as a result, they have damaged a lot of very expensive furniture. At first it really frustrated me, be over time I just accepted the fact that I wouldn't be able to keep nice things in good condition. I contemplated getting them declawed but I don't think its very humane. My search for an alternative to declawing came to a conclusion when I discovered a product called Soft Paws.

Soft Paws are little non toxic nail covers that you glue on to your cats nails which prevent them from being able to claw anything. They are comfortable and generally last six to eight weeks before having to apply new ones.

What you will need:
  • Soft Paws Kit
  • Cat Nail Clippers
  • A second person
  • A Towel
  • Gloves

How To Apply Soft Paws
The first thing you are going to want to do, is make sure your cat is extremely calm. If you are planning on using gloves to protect yourself from clawing, get your cat used to being pet with the gloves on. Attempting to put Soft Paws on your cat when they are stressed out will result in a cat not willing to go through with the process which can result in lots of kitty war wounds on your hands and body.

Once you have your cat nice and calm, wrap the cat up in your towel like a little baby. If the cat is stressed over being wrapped up, pet them until they are nice and calm.

Pull one paw from the blanket, keeping the cat nice and snug in the blanket to prevent them from being able to struggle too hard.

Next grip their forearm just below the paw. Chances are your cat will start to struggle unless you have a very calm cat. If they do struggle, hold them very firmly with the blanket and get the second person to do the nail clipping while you restrain your cat.

The person doing the clipping should do the following:
Press your thumb against the palm of their paw which will expose their nails. Clip the tip off their nails making the nail blunt. Be extremely careful when clipping the cat's nails; you only want to clip the tip of the nail and not hit the vein in the nail. If you clip the vein you will hurt your cat badly and they will begin to bleed. Clotting a cat nail is very difficult and can be very dangerous for your cat's health. So be extremely careful!

Once the claw has been clipped, fill one of your Soft Paws with the provided glue and slip it onto the freshly cut nail. Do this until each claw has been covered with a soft paw.

Once you have completed the first paw, you can repeat these steps until you either have their front paws done, or all four paws. The rear paws aren't as important to cover as cats do most of their clawing with their front paws. Some people are very cautious and do all four paws.

Watch your cat carefully for five minutes to make sure the claw covers don't come off. If they are good, you can let your cat roam your house without concerning yourself with kitty destruction!

Soft Paws last for about 6-8 weeks before you have to replace them, so keep your eyes peeled for exposed claws after a month or so.