How to put on fake eyelashes so they don't look fake!

There are so many ways for girls to enhance their looks these days, but most of the time it only makes girls look fake. For instance it's so easy to glue on a pair of fake eyelashes and pile them with mascara, however not only does this look tacky they tend to unglue at the edges. For those of you that would love to still wear fake eyelashes but not look like you are wearing them then this is the aricle for you. I am going to teach you how to put on individual lashes that will look great and not look fake.

There are different name brands of individual eyelashes that you can buy. I have bought many of them and they all are very similiar and do the same job. Keep in mind that there are different lengths and colors of eyelashes. The lengths of the eyelashes range between short to long. The shorter the length is the more natural they look and you will spend less time having to trim them. The colors are typically black and brown, depending on your own eyelash color buy accordingly.

There are different types of glue that you can use to put your eyelashes on. Some salons or spas offer eyelash extensions and they use semi-permanent glue. You can apply mascara and wash it off many times with this glue and the eyelashes will stay on. However I do not reccomend using this glue on your eyelashes. From my experience I found that after about a week of wearing the same eyelashes they began to become disfigured and made my eyes itchy. But thats not the worse part, every time an eyelash fell off or I had to take it off with the glue remover it took off many of my own eyelashes. So from my own experience I find that the one time wear lash adhesive is the best way to go. The one time wear glue is waterproof so the eyelashes will not come off when wet, however they will come off when you wash your face with makeup remover. If you are unable to tell the difference between the glue keep in mind that the semi-permanent is typically clear and the one time lash adhesive is typically white and thicker.

How to put the individual lashes on:

1. Use eyebrow twesars to take out one individual lash from the case at a time.
2. Cut each individual lash so that they are just a little bit longer then your own length, anything longer will make them look fake. Do not cut the eyelash straight across either, try to cut the odd eye lash hair at different heights
3. Pour a small amount of glue onto the eyelash case.
4. Usiny your hands, dip the end of the eyelash into the glue and place only a small amount on the end. If you get
any glue on the hairs of the eyelash rub it off right away.
5. Using your hands, place the end of the eyelash at either end of your eye and put it in between your own
eyelashes. Please note that the farther you place the eyelash to the end of your eyelid the more unnatural it will look. Try placing your first eyelash about a pinky finger away from the edge of your eye and continuing untill you reach the same amount on the other edge.
6. With your tweasar push the end of the eyelash so it is placed on the edge of your eyelid.
7. Repeat each step for each individual eye lash, the amount of lashes that you put on each eye is up to. I reccomend between 4-5 lashes per eye.

Do not flip your fake individual eyelashes with an eyelash curler as this tends to bend the eyelashes. If you require mascara put only use a small coat on.

This may seem like a lot of work, but with practice it can be done in only a few minutes. You can even keep these eyelashes on for a couple of days if you use little to no makeup on them. Just don't wash your face around your eyes. Once you wash your eyelashes off, try to keep the same eyelashes for another use.

There, now you will have the best looking eyelashes around and no one will even know they're fake!