Are you having trouble pvping on your affliction warlock? Then these tips will help you so you can pwn your opponents and win almost every fight (you need to be geared as well of course).

Teleport- Make sure you always have your demonic teleporter nearby. This is an extremely useful tool. Keep away from it while fighting but keep close enough to it that you can use the ability. This will get you away from meelee players and it will confuse your enemy as to where you are. Make sure you don't use a channel ability right after using this as this will cost you a few vital seconds because they will immediatly know where you are. I would reccomend casting a shadowbolt right after using this.

Curses- Make sure in pvp that you use "curse of exhaustion" against meelee players to slow them by 35%. When you go against a caster use "curse of elements" to increase the magic damage you do against them by 8%. You can use these curses along with your normal corruption, unstable affliction, and bane of agony.

Gear- This is a simple tip. Make sure that you have plenty of resilience as it reduces damage players do to you by a significant amount (about 1% for every 100 resilience). You should also be getting gear with stamina and intellect of course, by you should get mastery as a secondary stat. Mastery increases your DoT damage which is the main damage you will do in affliction. This is vital. Even if you need to reforge for mastery, it is worth it.

Glyphs- A great glyph you should use is "glyph of shadowflame". Thisglyph is my favorite because if an enemy gets close to you, you can use shadowflame which will give them a DoT as usual but they will also recieve a 70% slowing debuff for 6 seconds, which will give you time to escape to a safe distance. That 70% tagged along with th"curse of exhaustion" 30% will make a great slowing team. Also be sure to get the "glyph of haunt" as this will help you heal more.

Fear- A great tool given to the warlocks is the ability to fear. Use this on an enemy as it will get them to run away. After doing this several times fear begins to work less and less until you can't use it on them anymore. As of now you can use deathcoil to reset fear so you can use it again, however they may change this in an upcoming patch.