How to quick scope

Quick scoping in Call of Duty is not easy. It takes many hours of practice and will be very frustrating at first. If you stay patient and see it through to the end you will be left with a skill that is extremely hard to beat.

The basic idea of quick scoping is center your crosshairs on your target and start aiming down the scope, as soon as the cross hairs become visible in the scope you hit fire.This results in a one shot kill and  a very fast attack. When done correctly it will have your opponent on the ground before he even thinks about taking a shot. Below are the steps that you must follow to become a quick scoper.

Learn the scope: The first step is to learn how to use the scope correctly.Enter a game by yourself and find an object (a tree, car or a wall) that you can continually fire at (don't use another player because it takes to long to wait for the re respwan  ). When you have your object pick a spot on it that you can try to hit. Put your cross hairs on that spot and aim down the scope, just as the cross hairs become visible when looking down the scope hit fire. Continue to do this untill you feel you can hit the spot 6 or 7 times out of 10.

Use a real person: Get a friend to stand in front of you and slowly move sideways. Use them as the spot and practice hitting the moving target. Once you can do this, start to move around and hit the person. Make sure you always stop before attempting to scope, it becomes to difficult to quick scope on the move due to the physics of Call of Duty. It will be very frustrating, taking hundreds of shots and missing almost all will feel like  complete waste of time. Dont give up! it will pay off I promise. As you get better, your friend could start moving around faster and in different directions, you could do this as well. Remember to always stop moving before you attempt to quick scope. This is by far the longest step, hitting an actual player is extremely difficult and will take a long while to master.

Try it in a match: When you feel ready go to a match with a few players, most will have assault rifle and will kill you before you get a shot off. You must bear this for a while, you will receive a huge amount of deaths for no kills for a long time. There will be plenty of people who laugh at how bad you are, don't worry about them. Add them to your friends list and challenge them to a game when you become a pro. Then its your turn to laugh ;).

Quick scoping is extremely difficult to master. It will be a long frustrating journey, don't lose hope. Once you get to pro status you will see that all the work was worth it. When you start getting those huge kill streaks and you have people complaining about how good you are. Then you will know you have made it.