Track your winners

One of the tips that I have NOT been following when writing my InfoBarrel articles, or other Adsense based articles, is to add a Google URL Channel for each one.  I have each site setup as a URL channel in my Google AdSense account, but not each article.  The theory being that I'd be able to tell which article was producing the Adsense income.  How?, I'm not quite sure.  It's time to follow the experts advise and have Google Adsense track every page.

I recently passed the 50 article milestone so I did not really want to copy and past every one of those InfoBarrel article URLs to the Google Adsense URL Add channel dialog.  Thankfully Google allows you to put several URLs into the box at one time with each URL on a different line.  All I needed was a nice list of all the URLs for my InfoBarrel articles.  Thankfully InfoBarrel supplies this in the form of the download .csv link on a users 'My Content' page, located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

It was simply a matter of quickly downloading that file and opening it with OpenOffice Calc, you could also use Excel or any other application that will read a CSV file, and copying column C to the clipboard.  For some reason OpenOffice didn't like me highlighting it with the mouse and right clicking to copy.  I had to highlight it by holding down the shift key and using the arrow keys and press CTRL-C.

With all this valuable data stored in my clipboard I switch over to Google AdSense.  On the 'My Ads' tab I selected 'URL channels' on the left-hand side.  At the top of the page there was a button of 'New URL Channel'.  Clicking this button brings up a dialog box that I pasted all the data from the clipboard into.  When they were all in the dialog box I clicked 'Add URL Channels' at the bottom of the popup window.  Now Google will track how much each article earns and not just each site.

This technique will work the easiest if you have not added any of the InfoBarrel article URLs to Google AdSense.  If you have added some to Google AdSense you will want to delete from the spreadsheet before copying them.  It may be seem easiest to just delete them from the Adsesnse channel list and re-add them but I'm not certain that doing that may not lose history for the existing article URL.

I'm by no means an expert on Google AdSense but I thought this might be helpful.  The InfoBarrel forum is loaded with lots of helpful people.  Here's a link to the forum thread that finally prompted me to follow through with doing this: