5. Know when to stop -

This one might be a little hard for some people so I want you to do something. Go to your local prison or jail, now look at me, then look at them, NOW BACK AT ME! The difference you ask? I knew when to stop, I got my ticket and court date, they get Jerome every night at 11pm.

Now just to be clear as to what I mean by knowing when to stop.  When someone is at your inhib tower and you chase them to blue, with their ENTIRE team mia, there is a high chance you are going to get bend over.

I have a very unique play style and it makes a lot of people mad. If I know something is stupid as hell, such as a failed gank and they are still trying to dive, i will sit back, farm up, and lawls when they die. They will blame me, but I'd rather have farm and not be dead. I feel like this might be one of the hardest things for new players, I know my buddy Aod has ventured into a few bushes and found more than he expected. This is also why wards are so nice and yummy!!!

If you notice anyone on your team, or in some cases your whole team, running off to almost certain death, a few >v< pings will do, or until they stop. Usually it will get at least 1 or 2 people, hopefully it will alert everyone to their stupidity.

The best baits I have had, aside from the ones I have in my alone time, have been on my bestie Fiddlesticks. The one that stands out the most was an AOE comp with my buddy Ryan, I was Fiddle, he was Kennen (You can see where this is going, btw my real name is Keenen ^.^.), we had 'Vlad solo top and then as I went in for the enemy team's blue buff, 4 people followed me to my red and BOOM fiddle ult, Ken ult, Vlad ult. Their GP was chilling up top free-farming, THAT IS WHAT I MEAN!!!! Know when to stop.

So to recap!

  1. Duo Queue
  2. Carry Like a Boss
  3. Ward
  4. Communicate
  5. Know When to Stop

I hope you found something useful in this 3 part guide, if not, GRATZ U R 2 GOOD! Any questions, comments, or concerns just hit me up! Remember, do  you want a Ticket and court date, or just a date? :)