If your baby is a newborn to two then this article is relevant to you. The first two years of a child's birth into this world is he or she trying to deal with it. In order to create the necessary brain pattern that can truly be shown in the majority of smart young children, you need to nurture your baby. The first two years is less trying to make them intelligent and more making them feel secure and getting them ready to intake the mass of knowledge humans take in at a early stage.

Things You Will Need

A baby!

Step 1

The first step is to always make them feel secure. If you are a mother, then I suggest holding your baby tight when you hold him or her and making them feel secure in your arms. Babies also need to be talking to in a friendly, loving voice that will make the child's emotions stable and happy. It also helps if the baby feels like there is someone there that will respond to if the baby is upset or happy. If you take care of the baby when something is wrong with him or her, then they will feel more secure and happy.

Step 2

The process can be tedious and sometimes downright painful at times. The process I am alluring to is simply raising a young, one day smart, baby! There might be times when the baby starts breaking down when the mother leaves the house, which gives the woman a perfect reason to make the man get up and go do errands, which will make the woman love the man even more! There might be times when the baby is simply crying and we, as parents, have no idea what about, but you should comfort them anyway.

Step 3

The major thing you can do for a child at this stage to really prepare him or her is the young one's language skills. You should talk to the baby, sing to the baby, recite poetry to the baby, or anything to let the baby experience a mixture of words. Reading to them is another great way for the baby to hear a nice mixture of words. I, growing up, was read to as a baby and now I read about three books a week! The sooner a child gets a grasp on words, the sooner you can really start making leaps and bounds in progressing your smart child onto brilliance!
Babies need to be nurtured just as much, or more, than a grown man does! In other words, keep your hopefully one day smart baby around you at all times and talk to him or her. They will learn to trust and love your voice, so keep that mouth a moving. Always make sure the baby feels safe, loved, and secure, and your darling will grow up to be an extremely intelligent baby.

Tips & Warnings

Don't stress about raising your kid to be smart because if you are a good role model then your children will be intelligent and willing to learn!