Bake your old graphic card

Sometimes difficult problems can have a stunning easy solution, like this one. And I am not joking, i have tried it myself as my old graphic card broke down and it worked. First of all this is not a long-lasting repair, but it can give you some weeks to get to the data and try to find a good deal for a new graphic card meanwhile. My old graphic card worked again for over six weeks, after i have baked it in  my kitchen oven. During this time it was in heavy use, over ten hours a day.  So let me tell you how to repair your graphic card with an oven.

How the graphic card is damaged

 First of all before you start to bake your graphic card, its important to know how the card was damaged. As this method surely can't repair any possible damaged graphic card. I have tried this repair myself, so i tell you how my graphic card was damaged. It was a three-year old Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS graphic card. Most of the time working perfect, but never modified or overclocked. It also had no visible damage like black spots on the card. This is important, the graphic card has to be in a good shape.

The problems with the graphic card came overnight. The display turned purple and the PC crashed soon completely. As i tried to start the computer again there were vertical pixel bands, running down the display. Soon after the start of windows there came the blue screen with the following message: "Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed."

It was very obvious that my graphic card was the reason and was on the way to buy a new graphic card. But i first wanted to try this repair method, so I put it in my kitchen oven. First I was quite doubtful if this would have any impact on the card, but to my total surprise it worked. The graphic card was fixed and the pc was working again. So here it is how to repair the graphic card.


Recipe to bake the graphic card in your oven 

The graphic card is put in the middle track of the oven.  I didn't wanted to have the card directly on the hot metal, so I put a sheet of baking paper under it. After that I switched the oven on , at a 100  degree Celsius. In fahrenheit this would be 212 °F. You shouldn't take a higher temperature as that could lead to heat damage on the card. I let the graphic card in the oven for over 30 minutes. After that it needs to be cooled down over some time until the card is back at room temperature. Now the graphic card is ready being put back again in the computer.

Why it works 


Up until now for me its not that clear exactly how this works. Maybe the characteristic curves of electronic parts on the graphic cards are effected by the heat treatment and are back in the proper working condition afterwards.  Or it would repair damaged soldering joints and make them conducting again. But as research on internet boards shows this method works over 50% of the uses. For me it worked for the first try on my old graphic card and after I have repaired it in the oven the card was fully functional for over 6 weeks of heavy use again. Then after six weeks, the same problems showed up on the computer display again which I described in the beginning of this article. Maybe this repair method could have worked a second time, but then I decided to buy a new graphic card.