If you are looking how to reach enlightenment then I think I could help you out. I've had a lot of spiritual awakening these past few years and have undergone a kind of spiritual awakening. The first lesson in how to reach enlightenment is that happiness can never be found outside of you. When you are in that mode of reaching, you are saying what you have and where you are is not good enough. When you are happy internally and just know that everything is ok, things on the outside will turn around automatically for you.

The best way to learn how to reach enlightenment is through looking inside for spiritual awakening. You are the source of happiness and this is why it eludes you so much on the outside. I you try and find yourself in an identity like a job, or a role like a mother or something like money, all of these things are subject to decay and when they get threatened you will feel threatened if you find yourself in them.

A spiritual awakening is realizing that you are not these things and real happiness is found inside, is formless and can be generated at any time. This can be found through meditation. A great technique I have found for how to reach enlightenment is this. You sit on a folded bed cushion on the floor and fold your legs in the stereotypical Buddhist lotus position. If this is uncomfortable for you then pick another position to sit in that you can relax in for a long time. What you do is you just become conscious of everything slowly.

Start by recognising your body feelings that keep coming up. wherever your attention goes, let it be there. This is the essence of spiritual awakening and how to reach enlightenment. What this does is that you gradually remove yourself from the form world. Even though you will still have a physical body there, you will no longer suffer with it. You then move on from physical bodily feelings to thoughts in your mind and just sit there and notice then without judging. It will be an intense struggle at times but if you just watch the thoughts and feelings, they will quieten and you will feel union with God. There is no time limit on this but it will happen and it is beautiful, a true spiritual awakening and will turn your life around.

When you reach this stage learning how to reach enlightenment, you will struggle to stay there for the first time but you just have to keep trying through meditation and concentrating your mind. At first you will have to concentrate on thoughts and feelings arising within your being but eventually you will be able to just be one with the stillness and silence without having to listen to all the forms inside of you.

This might sound really abstract but this is because your mind is trying to figure out something that it cannot comprehend which is spiritual awakening and how to reach enlightenment. This truth has been around for billions of years before mind even arises so it cannot understand it. The more you try, the less you will see. Just ignore what your mind is saying and go and experience the truth with yourself.

I would not recommend trying to go and teach others about reaching enlightenment until you are very comfortable doing it. You cannot express it with words well enough at the start because your mind is still struggling to get around this new view of reality. Get comfortable there and then find others on the same spiritual awakening path as you. They will help you stay there and you can teach each other lessons. If you hang around with the same people then you will still be like them. You have to move on to new friends to help your old ones.