If you are reading this article, it is obvious that it is difficult for you to set boundaries in your daily routine. Reaching on time to a particular destination like an important official meeting for an executive, examination venue for a student or attending an emergency call for a practitioner, can create a remarkable difference. Various sayings like 'time is money', 'a stitch in time saves nine' enfold knowledge and experience of our previous generations. Let us find out what drives us to let time fly without our knowledge.

Things You Will Need

An alarm clock or mobile
A pen or a pencil
A highlighter
A small diary
A computer with internet connection

Step 1

Write down your personal incidents when you could not make on time and also separately when you succeeded in reaching your goal on time. If the former number is larger than the latter, it is a matter of concern (highlight it)! If reaching late is a repetitive behavior, an overall examination of yourself and your surroundings is required.

Step 2

An unhealthy, tired body can point towards a serious physical or mental disorder. A disease, depression or mood disorder can set your body pace into back gear. Its never too late to see your doc. He will probably order a set of investigations to rule out any medical disorder after observing your signs and symptoms and give you certain prescriptions for a period of time.

Step 3

Make a to do list, arrange for a daily, weekly, yearly planner and prioritize the work to be done. Set deadlines for each task and reward yourself on completion of each. Simplify each task by doing in bits. It will reduce stress and save energy.

Step 4

De-cluttering your surroundings de-clutters mind too, so organize, organize and organize. Take adequate sleep and day time naps with an alarm set in your mobile or clock. A reminder set in mobile is also a helpful tool. Don't forget to breathe deeply for a few minutes if panic condition strikes.

Step 5

Delegate tasks to others to complete a project on time. Multitasking creates stress and is less productive.
'Early to bed and early to rise:
If that would make me wealthy and wise
I'd rise at day break, cold or hot,
And go back to bed at once. Why not?' Mary Mapes Dodge
This is a depiction of what new genre has adapted itself to with late night TV and internet. Last, but not the least, very strong will power and motivation is a must.

Tips & Warnings

The list is not exhaustive.
It is easier to preach than practice, so practice, practice and practice till you make it a habit to be on time, even before time.
History is full of great leaders who valued time and made its best use to reach new heights. Read their biographies to keep your motivation level up in your leisure time.
Parents should set an example for their kids, as good habits are inculcated during childhood.