With the Kobo Glo being available in Canada and UK, there are a growing number of people attaching more importance to it. As a newly released e-reader, Kobo Glo has many distinctive features which are unlike the previous. According to the Kobo website, it is friendly to readers with ComforLight technology and Backlight design. We can read a myriad of eBooks on Kobo Glo without any eyestrain.

The features of Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo is a 6”E Ink XVGA Pearl screen device with 1024 x 758 resolutions, arrived 16-level grey scale. It is measured of 114 x 157 x 10mm and weights 185g. It has 2GB storage which is available to store over 2000 books and you can expand it up to 32GB. It supports USB and WiFi. The battery lasts over one month with wifi and light off but only 70 hours with ComforLight on according to the official blog.

You should remember that an eReader is nothing without reading any eBooks. PDF, EPUB and AZW eBooks have become the mainstream eBooks. You can download the EPUB books and PDF eBooks from Kobo’s official website.

Taking it into account that Kindle eBooks are cheaper at average and in large quantities thus we prefer to purchase eBooks from Amazon store. But how do we read Kindle eBooks on Kobo Glo?

I will explain it in 2 parts: how to read downloaded Kindle books (DRM-free) and purchased Kindle books (with DRM) on Kobo Glo

1. How to read downloaded Kindle books (DRM-free) on Kobo Glo

As is known to all that Kobo just supports EPUB and PDF rather than Kindle eBooks but most downloaded Kindle books are MOBI. What should we do if we want to read kindle eBooks on the Kobo Glo?

Here I recommend an easy-to-use freeware named Calibre to you, which enables people to convert MOBI eBooks to EPUB.

1) Download and install Calibre, then run it.

2) Click “Add books” at the top of Calibre or just drag the books to the main window of Calibre.



3) Select the book you want to convert and click "convert books" button at the top of toolbar.


4) Choose output format and then wait for converting.


5) When it turns to "Jobs: 0" at the right bottom of Calibre, the conversion has been over. 


6) Connect your Kobo Glo to computer via the USB cable and transfer the books to Kobo Glo.

2. How to read purchased Kindle books (with DRM) on Kobo Glo

Most of Kindle eBooks we purchased are DRMed. To read it on Kobo Glo, we must remove Kindle DRM to guarantee that the eBooks can be converted to EPUB books. There is a perfect tool named Kindle DRM removal can help you! 


1) Download Kindle DRM Removal and install it.

2) Run Kindle DRM Removal to remove DRM from Kindle. Click “setup”, browse the input directory. Then click "remove DRM". When it shows the information "succeed", the kindle DRM has removed. Now you just need to connect  your Kobo Glo to computer via USB and copy eBooks to Kobo Glo.