Men or women, we use all sorts of products to remove unwanted hair. We invest in expensive razors and shavers that claim to make shaving smooth and safe, waxes that claim to be pain-free, and lotions that promise to ease the irritation of razor burn and bumps. And then the hair grows back sooner than we want them to, and we spend one-tenth of our lives removing unwanted hair on our face and body.

It's really time to consider other methods so that we can spend that precious time on other more meaningful things than dealing with the mess and trouble of shaving ever so often.

Laser hair removal is one of the best solutions to permanently remove unwanted hair. Apart from wondering what is involved in the procedure, price is one big factor. These sessions are not cheap like razors and epilators, but are well worth the money. Patients who have experienced laser treatments for permanent hair removal claim that it is money well spent and the best investment they've ever made.


Do your part in researching for the best price offered by clinics. Some have promotional rates for laser hair removal prices at a newly opened branch, anniversary, or festive seasons like Christmas. You'll be surprised at how much you could save just by doing a little scouting around. Knowing the market rates will also put you in a better position to negotiate for a better price.

Check out the laser hair removal price structure offered by the clinic and choose the package which best suits your budget. Negotiate with the doctor or staff for a payment by instalment package so that you don't have to fork out a lump sum of money on the onset.

If the laser clinic offers other skin procedures, like wrinkle treatment or skin whitening, you can also negotiate for a bundle discount should you also sign up for these procedures.

A little homework done will go a long way in reducing the hole in your pocket!