Don't blow it, good planets are hard to find

Today everyone is talking about climate change and global warming. Our newspapers and magazines are flooded with its headlines. We as human beings are mostly responsible for global warming and its disastrous effects on the well being of all the creatures on our planet including ourselves. It's high time for us to make ourselves responsible for our actions right now and take control of the beast known as global warming before it rears its ugly head and consumes all of us.

The first step that we got to take to control global warming is to reduce the carbon footprint on the atmosphere. We can come together and save the carbon footprint that is the equivalent of 1 million cars in simple ways. By following the below tips, we can not only save our atmosphere from climate change, but save quite a lot of money in the process. Yes it's a win-win situation for us. The below 10 steps will give you the insight on saving our resources to reduce our carbon footprint on the atmosphere.

Save your money by saving your electricity

· We can set the temperature of our AC a little higher and reduce the temperature of heater in winter to save electricity.

· We can replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent lights all over the house

· We can switch the main power supplies to electric appliances when they are not in use as they consume electricity even when they are switched off but the main switch is on

· We can wash our clothes with cold water in the washing machine as the machine can consume as much as 85 to 90 percent of electricity on heating water.

Save the planet and money by saving water

· We can take shorter showers which can reduce electricity as well as water usage

· Its better to install showerhead that are not installed high as it can save a lot of water

· We must buy showerheads with faucet aerator, which can save a lot of water as well as electricity as it increases the pressure of water without taxing our water usage.

· Buy plants that require minimal water or better yet install drip watering pumps in your backyard.

Save petrol and save the planet

· Buy a cycle and ride to work or shopping on it. This not only saves petrol and you money but also impacts your health in a beneficial way.

· Find ways to reduce your travelling time by searching for telecommuting jobs that don't require you to travel to office or move close to your office to cut down on the travel time and money.

· We can cooperate with the government to spend more money on bike lanes so that they are used regularly and our traffic reduced for the sake of our environment and ourselves.

Eat for the planet

· We can reduce our meat intake for our own health and the our planet as the livestock used for meat production produces a lot of green house gases

· Its better that we buy organic eggs and meat whenever it is possible for us.

· We must ensure that we focus more on seafood as it is both good for our health and the planet as seafood is the lowest on the food chain.

Stop using bottled water

· Buy a water purifier to filter water instead of spending money on bottled water as you not only save money, but also these bottles produce a lot of container waste

· Carry a bottle preferably made from aluminum that you can use for a longer time instead of plastic bottles

Plan before making your purchases

· We can easily shop for second hand furniture or electrical appliances online, which not only save us money but also reduce the use of natural resources as well.

· Make purchases from garage sales or consignment shops for things that we require on a day to day basis.

· Before making a purchase make sure that the stuff you are buying is of high quality and not affecting our natural resources

Consider borrowing stuff instead of buying it

· Borrow books and movies from your friends or the local library instead of buying it. This not only saves us money but also saves a lot of paper that is made from our trees thereby reducing our need of natural resources.

· We can always share our appliances and electronic stuff with our neighbors and friends to cut down on purchases on unnecessary stuff

Don't throw away your electronic appliances in the trash

· Use your electrical appliances like computers, mobiles, gaming devices etc as long as possible

· Always properly dispose of electrical appliances by donating them to recycling stations. These appliances can contain many toxic chemicals which can deteriorate our environment by spreading in the atmosphere