Injuries occur in sports for a number of reasons.Here are some ideas on how to lesson body injuries related to sports activities. Proper sports equipment will help prevent serious injuries.

Things You Will Need

The first measure of safety is to wear the proper equipment. If you play ice hockey you need to wear a HECC certified hockey helmet.If you play football you need to wear a NOCSAE ( National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved helmet Most sports activities have regulations on what equipment you are allowed to wear. Make sure to inspect you helmets weekly for damage. Helmets can get cracked and the foam padding can be torn and need to be replaced.

Step 1

HECC approved hockey helmet The design of the sports gear can reduce potential injuries. You need to wear protective gear that increases the impact area if you play a contact sport. Your sports equipment needs to absorb energy through the use of soft materials such as foam,gauze padding,nylon coated rubber padding. You need to wear a face guard for all contact sports which is optional for some adult sport activities. Some sports will require to wear mouth,throat and neck protectors such as football, Lacrosse, ice hockey.

Step 2

Your sports gear should absorb the contact and spread it over a area before injury can occur. Your technique in any sport needs to be practice poor technique can result in an injury. You can also re-injure an area that is not properly protected and had time to heal. All organized sport originations will have a list of approved and optional sports equipment that you will need to wear to help prevent injury. You need to wear the proper equipment especially helmets to help prevent head injuries such as a concussion. Array

Tips & Warnings

Approved equipment will have a sticker on them showing that the equipment has been approved for use. Do not remove the stickers.