Don't get cross!

Everyone gets a little stressed out from time to time, but what are the best ways to reduce stress right now? There are both short term and long-term ways to reduce your stress. Some stress in your life is likely to be due to long-term challenges, but there are things you can do right now to reduce your stress levels.

1. Pop a sheet of bubble wrap. Doesn't it sound great! If your life is very stressful, it's a good idea to always have some to hand.

2. Go for a walk, preferably in a park or somewhere else with trees or other greenery to look at, or alternatively the sea, river, or other body of water. Looking at a peaceful view o nature is always calming.

3. Or take another, brisker, form of exercise like swimming, running, or going to the gym. Anything that makes you feel slightly sweaty and out of breath is good.

4. Take a look at a comic movie. Funny films, ones where you really get a belly laugh, have been proven to reduce stress right away. If you want to watch some funny movies right now, then you can download some comic films right here!

5. If you have an overwhelming number of things to do, make a list of things to do. Put down realistic times for when you can achieve these tasks. If you are able to delete anything from your list, then do so.

6. One great way to reduce your stress right now – and to cope with or change all sorts of other psychological issues you may be facing – is to listen to some subliminal MP3s. Look at the relaxation mp3s you can buy here – there's so many to choose from and they can be downloaded immediately.

7. Stroke your pet cat or dog. Research has shown that this reduces your heart rate. This is also great for long-term stress reduction.

8. Chat with a friend. Talking through your problems with someone who is not involved and can offer a friendly ear or shoulder to cry on, can always make you feel less stressed right now.

9. Squeeze a hand exerciser or small juggling ball. Another possibility is to hit a pillow very hard, making as much noise as possible. Anything, really, that means you can take your feelings out physically on an inanimate object.

10. Try some deep breathing. Concentrate on what you are doing, breathing slowly – to the count of three in, and three out. Say to yourself the words Let when you breathe in and Go as you breathe out. Isn't that better?