The main reason people can't stick with a budget is discipline. Many people can't hack eating Ramen Noodle's every night, and I don't blame them. It's not enough to save money, but you should be able to eat good food and go places. There's no point in sacrificing quality of life for money. It's better to do both.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper.

Step 1

Shop at yard sales or flea markets for furniture and appliances. Flea markets are a great place to find collectors items, household appliances or furniture. You can look in your local paper or online to find the best yard sales. It's always good to look in areas with upper-class neighborhoods. They will normally take less for expensive items.

Step 2

Shop at multiple discounters or buy food in bulk, and bring coupons. Buying food in bulk is something that takes a lot of discipline, it's a lot easier to buy at discounters. It's good to shop at multiple discounters because not all offer the same deals. Some items are cheaper at different stores, so you have to take note of which stores to go to. Coupons can be found online or in store catalogs, they are important and can save you money.

Step 3

Buy clothes at consignment shops. You can find name brand clothing in consignment shops, it just takes patience. You may have to go to the same consignment shop two days in a row, but it's worth getting a 80% discount. You can find these stores by doing an online search.

Step 4

Make your home energy-efficient. Buy filters to help your air conditioning run better. Clean out the fan inside the cover to reduce stress on the fan motor. Buy energy-efficient bulbs and use the laundry machines with cold water. If you have a dish washer, wash the dishes by hand. Unplug all appliances after you are done with them. All of these steps will significantly impact your monthly and yearly electricity payments.

Step 5

Use your car more efficiently. Buy good quality tires with high mileage to keep the maintainance and fuel costs low. Also, you should tune up your car and replace all filters at least twice per year. Take out any extra weight in trunk to reduce weight.

Step 6

Use homemade cleaners with bleach. Plain Bleach and water is cheaper and just as efficient than scented cleaners. Most cleaners are pointless unless you are cleaning wood. Just by using bleach that has been diluted with water, you can save a significant amount.


Tips & Warnings