Wrinkles can affect your overall confidence and psychology. Many people think it's impossible to look younger without surgery, this notion is false. Not only can you reduce wrinkles, you can dramatically improve the appearance of skin and look younger. The best part is, you can do all of this without the high risks and high costs of surgery.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Eat super foods that save your skin. Certain foods can dramatically improve the appearance of skin overtime. Foods with antioxidants and vitamin E are an example. Foods like, avocados, niacin, yogurt, almonds, mangoes, mushrooms and green tea can all help to reduce signs of aging and help improve wrinkles.

Step 2

Reduce stress and anxiety. Both stress and anxiety can contribute to aging. Green tea can help reduce anxiety, but going for walks during the day when you feel stressed out will also help. Get plenty of fresh air and do yoga, both of these will help with anxiety and stress.

Step 3

Wear a mask at night. A face mask is very well-known but not used as often as it should. By using a mask rich in vitamin E and Aloe, you can significantly improve the signs of aging and improve skin health.

Step 4

Wear the right types of makeup. Makeup is good at disguising the signs of aging, but it can actually make skin worse in the long-term. Use mineral makeup to improve the appearance of skin in the short and long-term.

Step 5

Use the right moisturizer. Many people don't realize it, but certain moisturizers can actually make skin worse. Try to get moisturizer that are as natural as possible. Make sure to get a moisturizer with a good amount of vitamin E and Aloe vera.

Step 6

Do light aerobic exercise. Excercise can increase blood flow to the skin and boost the speed of cell turnover. Light exercise is great at reducing the signs of aging. Yoga is a good example of a light exercise that can be done to help aging.

Step 7

Drink plenty of water. Many people don't realize the great benefits of water. You need at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking water is great for the skin hydration. It also helps to rid the body of toxins that can cause premature aging.


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