Saving water has long been discussed so much that a lot of the suggestions and ideas about using less, showering instead of taking bathing and all of that are surely familiar to you.

In this article my goal is to express a couple of interesting, new and maybe even extreme ways to use less of that life essence that graciously travels up our pipes and runs from our taps.

Not everyone pays large bills for water so saving a drip here and cup there is not always substantial for saving a lot of cash but regardless I still think it's crucial that on mass we all use up less and help lessen our drain on local water sources. Yes there could possibly be loads of water for your locality but it takes a while to self clean and get back in to the system. If the cities are able to clean less water too it might help save them a lot of money and perhaps with small gains it will also help your budget for each and every month.

Things You Will Need

You may need some of these items to follow these tips:
A rain barrel
Some buckets
A solar shower
A plastic wide mouthed bottle

Step 1

Collecting water in rain barrels

A rain barrel obviously costs a bit of money yet you can use it to successfully collect rain water and even pour your washing up water and bath water in there (pass it through a sieve to get a lot of the dirt particles and bits out) to make use of it in other places. Also putting a few buckets about the garden (or even more water barrels) means you are able to increase collection of water from precipitation and drainage run off.

When you're pouring water from safe sources (soapy dish detergent is not too dangerous, just nothing with harsh chemicals) and collecting rain water you're going to be amazed how quick you fill up your rain barrel and the uses for the saved water are very wide.

It's fine for watering plants inside and out. It can useful for cleaning the car, washing down your patio and garden furniture, decking or perhaps cleaning your pets whenever they get covered in mud! This water is known as grey water and there are also so many filtration systems, re-routing (to flush toilets and automatically water the lawn) systems available.

Step 2

Shower in a bottle otherwise known as a solar shower

The shower in a bottle is available in a couple of variations. You can make your own one from a 2 gallon bottle by using a small plugged hole in the bottom together with a hole (or a lot of small holes similar to a shower head) in the lid. Fill it with water and leave it outside to heat up then just bring it inside, unplug the bung inside the bottom of the container and it will pour out nicely similar to a shower.

Alternatively you could purchase camping style solar shower which is an excellent device and not too costly. They also have a handy hook shape allowing you to hang them on a branch or perhaps your shower for inside use. This may seem slightly extreme but it really could save loads of water over a long period.

Step 3

Skipping a shower

Sometimes, in my opinion, we shower excessively. We almost all have a practice of 1-2 showers each day when in actual fact (particularly in colder weather) a single shower every couple of days is perfectly fine. If needed a quick wash should suffice in place of at least one shower. You could half shower usage if you be a little bit more conscious about it.

I hope you enjoyed the following tips and be aware that small steps in frugal living may ultimately result in better knowledge of how to save money and simplifying your daily life minimizing stress and making life generally much simpler.

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