Is your monthly mortgage payment too high because of an interest rate adjustment? Perhaps you had an unexpected medical or home expense and now you find yourself struggling with your monthly mortgage payment. If you find yourself experiencing anything like this, you may need to consider refinancing your current home mortgage. This will possibly help you save some money each month and pay off some other debts as well.

In some circumstances, you may be able to refinance your home and pay off some other debt such as credit card balances, medical expenses or auto loans at the same time. You may also be able to use some of the money in the refinance loan to help pay for a home improvement or project. If you decide that refinancing your mortgage makes sense for your circumstance, you will first want to gather some things before you begin the mortgage refinance process. Be sure to have your current pay stubs, current mortgage statement and last year's tax return before you apply.

When you are ready to begin the looking for a refinance mortgage option, you should determine how long you will be in your current home. If you are planning to move soon or if you will be relocated for your current job in the near future, you may not want to refinance. The cost of refinancing for a short period may be more expensive than paying your current mortgage. To decide if refinancing makes sense, you should determine how much you will save monthly and compare that to the cost of the refinance loan.

The next thing you should consider is how much equity you have in your home currently and whether or not it makes sense to use some of that money to fund a home improvement project or pay off outstanding debt. Using the equity in your home is smart if you are planning to pay off debt, finance a child's college tuition or make home improvements. It is probably not wise to use that same equity for a vacation you've always wanted to take.

If you decide to use the equity in your home to pay off debt, make sure that you are also making some lifestyle changes as well. You do not want to find yourself drowning in debt again in several years and needing to pay it off all over again. Make a budget and stick to the budget each month even if it means passing up a deal on a fantastic pair of shoes or an outfit that would be perfect for an evening out.

When you are ready to complete your mortgage application, complete it as completely as possible. You may want to consult with a financial advisor before signing the final paperwork to make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions of the loan and to make sure that refinancing makes sense for your personal situation. Refinancing can be a great option, but only if you have done research and made sure it is the right choice for you.