Tips that will help you relax when doing public speaking

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears that people have. There is something about hundreds or thousands of eyes on us all at one time that gets people really nervous. It is normal to be nervous but by using these tips you can ease the nervousness that you feel and try and relax before and during your public speech.

Before you make your speech, try to calm yourself down ny wiggling your hands around.  Also bend your wrist and elbows, this will help make your hand movements more natural when giving your speech. Do shoulders and neck rolls and warm up your face muscles by chewing in a highly exaggerated way. Wiggle your toes and fingers or just make body movements in any way you can. Also take some good, deep breaths. All of these exercises serve to warm you up and relax you. You might be thinking how in the world doing small exercises are going to help you, but by doing these things just mentioned, you will ease the stress that you feel before making your public speech       

When the time comes to actually make your speech, take a glass of water with you if you can. While you are delivering your speech take a sip here and there to help you relax. If you ever pay attention you will notice that lots of celebrities use the water method when they are doing interviews.        

Get confident by knowing your material. Besides just being nervous speaking in front of a large group many people fear forgetting part of their speech. If you've mastered your speech down you have one less thing to be nervous about.
Take your time while giving your speech and speak clearly. If you try and speak to quickly it will show how nervous you are and you may not make your points clear. Remember that public speaking is something almost everyone gets nervous doing so the audience knows how you feel.
Move your eyes around during your speech. Do not try and stare at one person during your speech. Gaze around at different people while making contact with someones eyes for about three seconds before moving on to the next person.
Take a deep breath when you can while speaking. Public speaking is something that gets way easier the more you do it. It is one of those things that come with hands on experience and can not fully be taught in a text-book.