Blocked nose

Tips and advice

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to deal with a blocked nose and whether it be due to an allergy, a cold or a sinus infection, the feeling is always the same. 

You can't breathe through your nose, as it is either bunged up with mucus or its nasal lining has become inflamed, and so in order to inhale air your only option is to breathe through your mouth. And on top of this a blocked nose can also lead one`s head to feel congested and generally feel even more uncomfortable. 

There are various types of nose drops out there on the market which can all clear up a blocked nose instantly thus allowing one to breathe in fresh air freely for as long as 12 hours, but while these sprays are very efficient they also have the danger of producing a rebound effect. This happens because firstly the user can become dependent on the spray using it more often than is necessary, which consequently will cause the nasal linings to swell up again and so needing more nose drops. It is clear that a vicious circle has begun and for some people it can be hard to break the habit. 

So it is far more beneficial in the long run to deal with a blocked nose in as natural a way as possible avoiding the use of any chemical medications and for this the following tips can be used: 

1. Fill up a basin or plastic bowl with boiling hot water to which a few drops of eucalyptus oil (or Vicks Vapour Rub) have been added. Bend over the basin and place a towel over your head. Now inhale the hot vapours for as long as you can trying to inhale them as far up your nose as you can. 

The hot vapours will cause the mucus in your nose to liquefy and so enable you to more easily blow it onto a clean paper handkerchief. 

The eucalyptus will also help to open up the passage ways of the nose. 

2. Once having blown out as much as you can, you can now apply a few drops to each nostril of a saline solution. Saline solutions can be bought over the counter at any chemist and do not need a prescription. A saline solution is simply water and salt and produces the same effect to your nose as when you dive into the sea where the salty water rushes up your nose producing a refreshing and opening effect to both your nostrils. 

Saline solutions are entirely safe, have no limit to how often you can use them and can even be used on children. 

3. At night it helps to use an extra pillow so that your head is a little more elevated than usual because a nose often feels more blocked when in a horizontal position. 

4. Put a few drops of either eucalyptus oil, tiger balm oil or Vicks vapour Rub on a cotton handkerchief placed over your pillow. This way you will continue to inhale these relieving vapours throughout the night. 

5. If your nose starts getting sore after having blowed it so much, applying some Vaseline cream will help considerably. 

6. And finally drinking warm drinks, soups or even having a hot curry will encourage your nose to become runny rather than blocked and it is slightly more bearable to have a runny nose rather than a blocked one.