One of the misconceptions about wearing a full lace wig is that is contributes to hair loss on the hairline. In fact, full lace wigs are used by many individuals to grow their hairline; however there is an important step that must be followed through with paitence. Which is how to carefully and succesfully remove your full lace wig that was applied with adhesives. This article will provide you with basic and informative steps on how to remove your lace wig without losing your hairline.

Things You Will Need

1. Patience

Patience is key to carefully and safely remove your full lace wig without damaging your lace or losing your hair.

2. Lace wig remover

Its recommended to get a strong yet delicate lace wig remover that not only dissolves the adhesive but is safe on your skin and for the environment.

3. 99% alcohol

Alcohol can be used to harden and remove excess residue off your skin and full lace wig.

4. 10-20 Q-tips

Q-tips speed up the removal process by increasing the aborsoption of the remover into the lace, skin and hair.

5. Paper towel roll

Paper towels is a great clean up tool.

Step 1

Pony tail Place your hair in a high ponytail. This will provide you with a clear visiual to effectively target the areas that may require more remover dissolvent.

Step 2

Remover Spray the lace wig remover on the perimeter of your head and rub it in so it can absorb quickly. Then give the dissolvent 5 minutes to activate and penetrate through the lace. After 5 minutes has passed, gently try to lift the lace, if it does not easily slip off, then STOP and repeat step 2 until the wig gradually releases itself off your head.

Step 3

Q-tip Grab a q-tip, dip it in the remover and then dab it on the entire perimeter of your full lace wig. This will speed up the removal process and further assist in lifting the lace from your head.

Step 4

Repeat step 2 and 3 respectively until the wig has slipped off your head.

Step 5

Once the wig is removed, spray the remover on the perimeter of your head where the adhesive residue remains. Take a q-tip, dip it in the remover and gently remove the adhesive residue off your hair and skin.

Step 6

Paper towel Once all the adhesive residue is removed from your hair and skin, take a strip of paper towl, dab it with alcohol, then use it to clean the remover off your hair, and skin including your hands.
To recap, pull your hair up and out of the way, respectively spray the remover and use the q-tips to penetrate through the lace and adhesive. This will gradually lift the lace and remove the wig off your head. Then use the removal spray and q-tips to remove adhesive residue off your hair and skin. Finally, dab alcohol onto a paper towel and use it clean the remover and adhesive off your head, skin and hands. Remember that patience is key to safely and successfully remove your lace wig off your head without losing your hairline.

Tips & Warnings

Warning - Do not pull the lace off your head when its clear that the dissolvent has not penetrated; otherwise you will lose some or all of your hair.

Tip - Do something proactive such as washing the dishes or cleaning up around the house to pass the time, while waiting for the remover to penetrate through the lace and adhesive.