Roof Moss Removal

Unsightly roof moss can do more than ruin the appearance of your property. If left unchecked it can lead to blocked gutters and rainwater pipes or even more expensive blockages in the underground drainage network.

The solution isn't gutter guards or regular roof maintenance but a moss removal project that will leave your gutters clear and an improved visual appearance for your home.

Things You Will Need

You will be pleased to know that there are no specialist hand tools required for this. However if your roof is steep you may need a specialist roof ladder or other access equipment to safely complete this roof moss removal project.

You will need:

  • A trowel
  • A stiff broom
  • Spare roof tiles - you may find some that are broken
  • Moss killer chemical in liquid form
  • A sprayer or watering can
  • Bin bags

Step 1

Roof Moss (33010) Assuming it is safe to do so and you have the correct access equipment, you should first wait until a really dry day. You need the moss on the roof to be completely dry and brittle. Using your roof ladder, make your way across the roof and scrape off the excess moss with a trowel. Start at the top of the roof and make your way downwards. You only need to scrape the worst of it off the roof, there is no need to be too aggressive with the trowel.

Step 2

Removing Moss

Using the stiff broom, brush off all the dust and loose moss from the tiles. You can be a little more aggressive with the broom. As you make your way across the roof you can check it for any broken tiles and replace as required. You can also check the condition of any cement work to the ridge or chimney.

Step 3

Applying Moss Treatment

Clear out the gutters and disconnect the rainwater downpipes, remove any blockages and flush them through with water.
You can now apply the liquid moss killer to the tiles, either by sprayer (preferred) or by using a watering can with a fine nozzle/head.

Use the bin bags to collect all the moss and waste from the roof and gutters.

What to expect

You can expect the roof to stay moss free for between 2-4 years and it may take 5+ years until moss growth becomes prolific again. The quality of the moss killer chemical is key to the effectiveness of this method.
There is no need to pressure wash the roof and chemicals should not be applied before the moss is removed otherwise the roots may not be treated and may grow back.
There is no point in applying a chemical to the moss if you then going to remove it.
Don't be tempted to treat a moss covered roof with chemicals without first scraping off the moss - your gutters will forever be suffering from blockages.

Tips & Warnings

Health and safety is paramount. If you are not familiar with this type of work or you do not have the correct access equipment then ask a roofing contractor to follow the steps I have posted here.
This page contains more information about roof moss.