Many of us would have applied tattoos during our early life and may be trying to remove them now. The expense and pain of removing tattoos will be more than what you have suffered while applying them. Since the ink is injected into the secondary skin, getting tattoos removed can be quite difficult as well. But there are ways to remove those old tattoos. Here are some tips on how to remove tattoos.

Things You Will Need

tattoos, DIY creams

Step 1

There are a number of techniques to remove tattoos. But none of the techniques guarantee you a complete removal, although many of them are quite effective. The removal techniques you can choose can be decided after considering the following things - Age of your tattoo, size of the tattoo and location in the body where it is applied etc.

Step 2

Laser tattoo removal is the most commonly used technique. In this technique, high intensity laser beams are concentrated on the tattoo. The beam reacts with the tattoo and breaks it down. It can cause pain to the body and the patient may require multiple laser treatments for the complete removal. Laser can also cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

Step 3

Dermabrasion is another technique of tattoo removal. In this technique, the skin is abraded using a a wire brush or diamond fraise. This can be quite painful and can cause excessive bleeding also.

Step 4

DIY removal creams also can be used to remove tattoos. Some of these creams are quite effective for some kind of tattoos. The effectiveness varies from individual ti individual. The only advantage of this technique is that pain can be minimized.

Step 5

Camouflaging doesn't remove tattoos, instead camouflage them with by adding colored pigments into skin. This technique is effective only to a certain extent as the pigments lack skin's natural translucence.

Step 6

If all of the above techniques does not work, you will have to go for the extreme option - surgical removal. Tattoos that are larger in size may require several rounds of surgery for their complete removal.

Tips & Warnings