ATV's are fun and entertaining ways to explore nature. You don't need an ATV to explore nature, although it certainly doesn't hurt anything. Nature is great by itself, but an ATV can make you realize how good nature can be. You can use them to hunt or just go riding through the woods. Either way, an ATV is one of the most entertaining ways to explore. Renting an ATV is another way of deciding if it's a good idea to buy or not.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper.

Step 1

Get a driver's license if required. If you are driving on a state or local road, you will need to get a license to operate an ATV. If you are just going down the trails for some fun, don't worry about this step. If you are going to eventually buy an ATV, it might be a good idea to go ahead and get a driver's license for ATVs. This step isn't required until you get ready to buy or lease an ATV.

Step 2

Go on a tour with an ATV Club. You can join any club you like, but these clubs are known for introducing people into the sport. They also go on tours that can help you get the feel for what life is like on an ATV. ATV clubs are easy to join and they are not expensive, but the best part is learning how to ride and explore.

Step 3

Call multiple ATV Shops. All or most ATV shops will often rent out ATVs. Even if an ATV shop doesn't rent, they probably know someone who does. These shops charge different rates depending on the shop. Call each ATV shop and compare the monthly or weekly rates on each ATV and make the best selection.

Step 4

Make sure they know you are not buying. ATV salesmen will often make the "mistake" of leasing you an ATV as opposed to renting one to you. This problem can be compounded when you have been waiting in line and filling out paper work all day long. Make sure to tell the salesmen upfront so they won't accidentally pickup the wrong paperwork and be forced to start all over.

Step 5

Read over the contract. It would be nice if everyone was honest and ethical, but you should always protect yourself from unethical people. Before you sign the legal agreement, read the fine print. Some salesmen will "forget" to tell you about certain aspects of the ATV that you need to know. Like the fees involved in bringing the ATV back early or forgetting to pay. Many dealers will also try to mislead you. So, you should always be aware of the contents of the contract you are signing.


Tips & Warnings