Audio Equipment

Car Stereo upgrades


Since no two ears are alike, to get the most out of your experience it's great to have your preferred sound where ever you may be.  Whether a headphone or home theater, often people don't take their car into consideration.  Therefore, the car is where you should go.  The foremost simplest thing you can do to improve your audio quality would be to replace the factory speakers.  We will start with a “what if” hypothetical car with 6x9 speakers in the rear doors and 6.5 in the front doors. 

Things you will need:

  • volt meter
  • wire strippers
  • a Phillips screw driver or socket wrench (depending on the car)
  • soldering gun (optional)
  • and your speakers on hand
  • "safe place" coffee can, bag of some sort, or bucket (optional)

If you don’t have a brand in mind or on hand I recommend JBL, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Alpine, Infinity, Kicker or Kenwood, those all have the clear, crisp highs which play a big role in your sound reproduction. 

1st  First things first, with your screwdriver and or socket wrench remove your door panel. Save all screws, nuts, bolts etc. in a safe place (empty coffee can, plastic bag -- anywhere they can’t slip out unnoticed).

 2nd Gently pull the door panel off so the clips on it remain intact, wedge a straight head screwdriver in if necessary.  

3rd Set aside the door panel so you can get to the factory speaker. 

4th With your wrench or Philips screwdriver remove the screws and place them in your ''safe place''. Unhook your speaker.  On the speaker terminal there should be a positive on one side and a negative on the other. A volt meter will always come in handy if you can't memorize them.

5th Take the speaker out, then you can either solder the tips of the wires (pay attention to positive and negative) or if  you are pressed for time you can always twist the wires -- “but” always to the right for the same result. 

6th Lastly, screw your new speaker in and seal it up.

7th Repeat for all 4 doors and voila`and enjoy .