I am going to explain how to reset the inspection light on a BMW e46 3 series. This is a useful thing for all BMW owners to know, because if you own a BMW like me you will understand a trip to the garage for any reason is going to be costly.

The inspection light comes on when the onboard computer thinks your BMW is due a service. This may not always be accurate if you do your own servicing at different intervals, or service your car at a garage that does not reset the counter.

Now, you can either take your car to your local BMW approved dealer and pay the service charge, or follow these 5 steps below to reset your counter yourself;

BMW 3 Series e46 DashCredit: taken by myself

Step #1

Make sure your ignition is off, this is position 0 on the ignition chamber.

Step #2

Press in and hold the trip odometer button while turning your key in the ignition chamber to position 1.

Step #3

Keep the button pressed in for a further 5 seconds or so, you will see the command ‘Inspection’ flash up on your dash with ‘Reset’ also in the display.

Step #4

Press the odometer trip button in again and hold for around 5 seconds until ‘Reset’ flashes on the dash.

Step #5

While the dash is flashing, press the trip button once more quickly and this will reset the inspection interval.  The display in the dash will show you your new interval until next inspection and display the command ‘END SIA’.

E46 Model Specs

These steps have been tried and tested on the e46 BMW 3 series model that was produced between 1998-2006. At this time I cannot confirm if this works with earlier or later models, therefore I do not recommend you try this on any other models of BMW without consulting a professional mechanic.

As always any feedback greatly appreciated, hope this helps someone.