How to re-train your cat to use the litter boxHow to Retrain Your Cat to Use The Litter Box

There are many reasons why cats who were originally trained to use a litter box may decide to start going to the bathroom elsewhere. When this happens cats can become accustomed to going to the bathroom where they want and the litter box begins to become a thing of the past. There is tons of information available that teach new cat owners how to train their kittens to use the litter box, but these techniques are not as influential for cats that are already set in their ways .

Below are a few techniques that will help make the transition back to using the litter box a bit easier on both the cat and the cat owner:

A. Do not talk negatively to your cat. Instead of reprimanding your cat for all the things that they do wrong, try talking in a more positive manner to rid of the hostility between you and the cat. Make your relationship rewarding and fun for the both of you. When cats are bored or feel neglected they tend to take their anger out on your home and stop using their litter boxes. Try arranging a specific amount of time with your cat each day and give your cat all of your attention. Think back to the time that you first brought your cat home. Your cat was probably bombarded with attention, and was probably very happy and content beacause of this. More positive attention may be what your cat is yearning for and this alone may solve your litter box issues.

B. Another technique is to control the intake of food in order to create a positive environment for your cat. Just like a human being a cat's physical digestive system can be very regular. Try putting your cat on a regular feeding schedule that allows you to be there when the cat will have to use the litter box. By knowing your cats digestive schedule you will be able to pre-determine when the cat will have to go to the bathroom and this will allow you to take your cat to the litter box room. This will give the cat no choice but to use the litter box. Once the cat is done their business this provides you with the opportunity to reward and praise your cat. You should continue this same routine until you believe your cat has been properly re-trained. Please remember that the more you praise your cat during this technique the faster and easier this will be.

C. Another technique is to set up the cat's environment so that their misbehavior is not a positive experience for them. You must keep in mind that cats do not understand what we tell them, therefore the only way that they will learn to stop misbehaving is through their own experiences. For this technique to work you must first find out what your cat does not like. For instance they could dislike the feel of tin foil or maybe even the texture of foam . Once you find this out place these items in the areas that they tend to go to the bathroom in. Your cat will eventually learn that going to the bathroom in this area is not as rewarding as it used to be and will stop going there. This technique could also be used on other destructive behaviors such as using your furniture as a scratch post.