Are you in a relationship? Are you looking to be the best romantic partner you can be? Than this is the article for you! This article will give you some simple tips to help you rock at relationships!


Do you know what the number one thing lacking in most relationships is? Communication! So many people in relationships will avoid really communicating as much as possible after the first few weeks, instead simply not telling their partner what is bothering them to avoid conflicts. If a relationship lacks true communication, not just talking, then is will become a mess where each person in unhappy because they aren’t telling the other person what is going on in their heads.


After you have conquered communication you can work on simply being more awesome for your partner. An easy way to make you partner think you are the most amazing person ever, is to do something for them that they hate to do! If they hate folding clothes, surprise them with a dresser full of folded clothes; if they hate washing dishes, do them once in a while. Of course you can also buy little things for them, of course this is not required, some bright flowers or perhaps their favorite candy. If you are low on time or money, why not leave them a cute note! Under their pillow, stuck to their mirror, or tucked into their wallet/bag are all great places to hide little love notes. If you don’t think you are sneaky enough to hide notes, try sending a random cute text when you know they need a boost or just to say you’re thinking of them.


Of course listening to your partner is incredibly important! But wanna take that to the next level? Learn a bit about what they love, watch out for article about it, and when you are thinking about a gift for them remember what they like and put a little toy or card or something from it in the paper. For example if your partner is obsessed with the British show Doctor Who you might get them a little TARDIS or if they love football a cute bobblehead of their favorite player.


All in all the only way to be the best romantic partner you can be is to consider your partner, and what they need from this relationship.