If you want to get good at Picking up women really FAST, there is no way around sarging alone. To sarge alone is one of the most important things you need to do to really increase your results dramatically with women. There is no magic pill or get good quickly METHOD. It does not matter if you use Mystery Method or Speed Seduction. Getting good with women is as much hard work as it is getting good at dancing, karate, baseball, or making money on InfoBarrel. Now that you know that it is not the method in particular, but the time and effort you put into picking up women, the question "how to sarge alone successfully and push through that fear of approaching when you are just by yourself without a wing who can push you?" arises.

1. One step at a time.

You can't skip steps unless you are a natural or are already good. If you are someone who learns new stuff at a slow pace like me, you should attack one step at a time when you sarge alone, but with lots of hard focus. Before you go out, plan your solo sarging time. Take fixed days and times when you go out solo sarging. Even planning to sarge alone on your way home or in your breaks is important. Go out at LEAST three times a week. Better is four to five times a week as Mystery's newbie mission suggests. Planning to act and then acting on your plans, helps you to STAY focused and motivated since you achieve small goals (your written plan with just one step at a time). Also, if you want to sarge alone successfully, don't rush over your goals too fast. You still don't know how to open? Go out with the goal to sarge alone and approach 5 girls, by just asking for the time or the way. Once you feel comfortable doing this, take your next step.

2. Push yourself

If you are out to sarge alone, there is no wing who can push you. Therefore, you need to step up and push yourself alone. How do you do that, if approach anxiety is too high? First, I have to tell you that approach anxiety is not going away completely, especially when you sarge alone. You only start to grow emotionally and learn how to handle that emotion of fear. Here is what works good with me though. "I don't go home until I have approached 5 sets alone." Or if it is during my break at college "I don't enter the classroom before I have done 1 set!" Also, it is very important to push yourself as soon as you enter the venue or even better, as soon as you shut the door of your house.

3. Write down your sets

Another very important point is to write down your field reports. Since you are out solo sarging, there is no one who can advice you or correct your pick up. Make sure that you are writing down at least 1 out of those 5 sets where you learned the most. Additionally summarize your learning, your mistakes, your sticking points and how you are going to solve those in your next sarging session. If you know other people who are in the dating scene as well, maybe people from your local lair, then post your field reports in the forum where they can check on your progress. Read the reports of your buddies who sarge alone, too. It keeps them motivated and maybe you find answers and intelligent solutions to your sticking points in other people's field reports.

4. Work with your Sticking Points

Let's assume your sticking point is not being able to open at daytime while solo sarging. You sarge alone, but can't manage to open your mouth and come back home frustrated. Now, the good point is, at least you are leaving your house! There are thousands of newbies who don't go out because they have "other important things to do" or "are busy". (Well, now you know the solution to this: schedule your solo sarging time!) But leaving your house and not approaching any woman doesn't make you any better, either. It is time to ask yourself the right question here: "Am I PREPARED when I sarge alone?" Did you work with your sticking points? In this case it is obviously approach anxiety. If not work with articles that are about approach anxiety. Work with articles that offer answers and steps to handle approach anxiety. Now, working doesn't mean reading an article once.

Work means summarizing that article and then summarizing that summarize again. Work means reading an article enough times so that you can explain the concept to other people.

Work means reading one article at a time. NOT many articles at the same time.

Work means trying the concept of that ONE article out in the real world, so that you get feedback on your actions.