Save money on groceries

Buying in bulk can be a great way to save money on groceries. The benefits do not stop only at extra cash however, but include saved time and easier food preparation.  Read the steps below to find out how.

Larger packages usually means less cost per ounce. That means a 10 lb. bag of rice will cost you less per ounce than a 1 lb. bag.  Always compare the prices to double check which size is the better deal.

Only buy on sale. This one should be a no-brainer but it takes real discipline and planning.  With all the sales going on every week, you should check to see what items are on sale that your family uses in order to make the most of your dollar. Sales are also seasonal, so this means stock up on flour and sugar usually in November and December and snacks , soft drinks, and party supplies usually go on sale before memorial day, the super bowl, or 4th of July, for example.

Save money by planning ahead.  You will save considerable money in gas and time alone by creating shopping lists and planning.  Consider buying all your long shelf-life items  such as flour, sugar, pasta, tea, soft drinks once every couple of months and making weekly trips to the store to buy perishables such as dairy, meat and vegetables only. It will streamline the shopping experience and meal preparation. 

Proper storage is key.  To make the most of the shelf-life of your bulk items, organize and label all staples such as coffee, flour, sugar in large tupperware containers stacked on each other.  If you don’t have an actual pantry room, you can purchase a 5-foot wire rack and find a place in your kitchen or closet.  Also, always make sure you use food items which will expire first! This is essential to make sure that your food stays the freshest as possible.

Specialty or hard-to-find items can often be found online or in discount stores for less.  Items such as bread yeast, vanilla flavoring, or spices are often sold only in small packages in the local grocery store but can be found much cheaper online and ordered in bulk to save on shipping.

Go shopping alone.  This one is not always easy, but can have great effects on your sanity.  Leave children and friends at home when you go shopping.  This will keep you focused on your list and you won’t get sucked into buying extra things you don’t need.

Rethink mealtime. Do you have any unused appliances you could put to use that could change the way your family eats?  For example, pull out that unused bread machine and put bulk flour and yeast to use. Used daily, it can be a timesaver and provides a healthier, more economical alternative to store-bought bread. 

Buying in Bulk