Going to the market today to buy vegetables can be very expensive. Most of us are on a tight budget due to the economy being in a recession. We need vegetables in our daily diet to stay healthy. Vegetables are a good source of vitamins and nutrition. going to the grocery store you may not be able to purchase all the vegetables you would like to because of the cost. You can create a small garden right at home.

Things You Will Need

Items you might need; soil, seeds, gardening gloves, small shovel, popsicle sticks and possibly gardening pots if your are planting seeds in pots.

Step 1

Growing vegetables outside; first determine the area. After you have found the spot for your garden; you will need to dig up the ground.

Step 2

Once you have dug the ground and prepared the area for planting the vegetable seeds; now you will begin planting the seeds under the dirt. You want the seeds to be covered.

Step 3

After planting several rows of seeds; take popsicle sticks and label each vegetable seed. Place stick in soil where the stick matches what you have just planted. This is so you will know what you have planted in the soil.

Step 4

At least every other night you will need to go and weed your garden. You don't want you vegetables to be destroyed by weeds.

Step 5

You will need to water your vegetable garden. You will water as needed depending on the area you live and how much rain fall you have had recently in your area. Using an outside faucet and garden hose; turn faucet handle for water to come through the hose. Once water is on; use the spray handle; to spray water over your vegetables.
Growing your own vegetables is hard work; but also rewarding. You are saving money and have accomplished growing your own vegetables. This is a great feeling when you see what you have grown.

Tips & Warnings

Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands.
Wear a hat when your are in the sun for a long period of time.