The economy is putting strain on everyone. Now a day, everything is expensive. Gasoline is through the roof. Unemployment is extremely high. So what’s a person to do? This is what I do to get ahead.

Here is a quick and easy way I save anywhere from $200-$300 a month.

1. The first thing you need to do is grab an empty shoe box. Any shoe box will do. The bigger the better.

2. The next step is the meat of the project. Every time you go to a store and you buy something you receive change. A dollar here, a dollar there. What you need to do is, every time you receive a one dollar bill you MUST place it in your shoe box. That's it! I know what you’re saying. How am I going to save $200-$300 per month from throwing a dollar into a box? You would be surprised how many one dollar bills you accumulate in the course of one month. So next time your at a restaurant or convenience store, keep that dollar bill from your change and put it in your money box!

3. The third step is to put this money to work for you. A couple hundred bucks a month isn't much but it is a great start. Now the trick is to take this money and invest it. You can invest it into a website, stock market or whatever you want but you have to put it to work. I have used this method to purchase 5 website’s which have each earned me several hundred dollars a month each! I have also used this method to add to thousands of dollars to my stock investment portfolio. These are the building blocks to accumulating wealth.

4. Final step is to ramp up efforts. You can save one dollar bills easily but how about saving five dollar bills? Five dollar bills might be hard to save at first but if you can manage to save at least half the five dollar bills you receive throughout the month, you could have some serious cash! You can also save your change and at the end of the month bring it to the bank and cash in! These quick and easy steps have put an extra $200-$300 into my investment portfolio each month. Don’t stop here. Can you think of other ways to save money? How about if you save the money from coupons you use at the supermarket? Think outside the box. Try it because it works!