College textbooks are really expensive these days and many new freshmen going off to college for the first time can be in for an unpleasant surprise. This article will offer you tips and resources so that you can purchase the correct books you need for your class at the best price.

Things You Will Need

Internet access, Information about the required books for your classes including title, author(s), ISBN number, picture of cover, etc.

Step 1

First you should be enrolled at a college, university, or high school that requires you to buy text books. Once you have registered for classes, you can usually find out what textbook(s) will be required by either going to the college bookstore, emailing or contacting your instructors, or by going to your college's website and looking up the required books according to your college's website instructions.

Step 2

When you are researching what textbooks you will need, you should make a note of what the cover design is, who the author is, and what the title is, also take note of the ISBN number. Make a note of the new and used prices at the college bookstore. Title, author, and cover design are probably most important.

Step 3

There are many websites that you can purchase textbooks on. You need to be aware of the terms of use for each site and the refund policies and buyer/seller ratings. As a rule, only buy from people with good ratings. Go to google and type in "buy textbooks" and many of the sites should pop up including ebay and

Step 4

Once you are on one of these book purchasing websites, type in the title and authors name. If you know what the cover of your book looks like, you can easily match books, the ISBN is also helpful, but for some reason may not be exactly the same as the one in the college bookstore. Match other details such as number of pages, anything that will assure you that this is indeed the correct book.
Compare prices with the bookstore and the sites buy making a list. Choose a used or new book from either the bookstore or a book buying website that you are happy with the price and condition of.

Step 5

Once you are ready to purchase, you should either use paypal or a credit card to pay for your books. Be aware of when you will need the book and what the shipping date is estimated to be. If you buy online, you want to make sure you get the books on time.
Once you are finished with the class you can sell your books on a site or to the bookstore if they have a program for buying used books. You can hand down your books to friends, brothers, or sisters that will need them.

Tips & Warnings

This is buyer beware. Be careful and use precautions when submitting your credit card number and personal data online. Be aware of the conditions of the sale and return policy.