While food doesn't account for the majority of ones budget, it can make a big difference in the long run if you can cut the budget significantly. This article describes many tips that you can use to save huge sums of money over the course of a year.

Things You Will Need

Pen and paper

Step 1

Buy in bulk. You always want to buy the largest amount of food possible. You can either buy direct from manufacture or buy bulk at a store. Sams club is a good example of a store that deals primarily in bulk. You could save thousands depending on the size of your family.

Step 2

Shop for coupons. You can find coupons online or in your grocery store. You would be surprised on how many people miss out on these huge discounts. Coupons can add-up, especially if you only buy items with a discounted price. You won't be able to find a coupon for every item, but you can easily cut your food costs in half with the addition of coupons.

Step 3

Prepare foods yourself. Most people don't take the time to put together meals, but you can save a lot of money by doing this. You could save 30% per meal just by preparing meals yourself. Buying frozen foods or TV dinners is a good way to throw away money.

Step 4

Shop at multiple discounted retailers. Stores with names like, Save-A-Lot are known for their steep discounts on food. You always want to keep track of the items and the stores where you get the best deals. Don't just shop at one store for food, you will save more money by shopping around.

Step 5

Don't be afraid of leftovers. Everyone knows that leftovers are less than desirable to eat. However, if store food and re-heat properly, your leftovers will taste a lot better. Sometimes people make the honest mistake of leaving significant amounts of leftovers in the microwave. You only have a set amount of time before that food in the microwave goes bad. So, it's good to immediately store leftovers in the proper container in the refrigerator.

Step 6

Always take a list. You want to organize your list and which items should be bought at other stores. If you try to remember everything yourself, you can lose a lot of money by buying the wrong items. You can also keep from buying items that you don't need this way.


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