The grocery bill can be one of the biggest parts of our monthly budgets. However you can't just cut out eating when you want to save money. The good news is you don't have to stop shopping for food to make some serious savings. Follow these tips on saving money and take control of your spending habits at the supermarket.

Things You Will Need

Pen and paper
Loyalty cards
Savings vouchers

Step 1

image2350 Make a list and set a budget. This should discourage any impulse buys - if it's not on the list you don't get it. Work out what food you need for the week, meal by meal, add it to your shopping list and stick to it.

Step 2

Eat a good meal before going food shopping. This is an old idea but a good one. If you go to the grocery store hungry you will buy things you don't really need. Cut out those impulse buys to save money.

Step 3

Change your route around the store. Supermarkets and other shops layout their goods to tempt you to look at and buy products. Don't let their marketing campaign work on you by using your shopping list to plan a set route around the store without getting sidetracked. When picking items look at the shelves above and below eye level - the cheaper brands are often there.

Step 4

Try cheaper brands for your regular products. If you don't like them you can always go back to your normal brand next week. For many items you may find you can't tell the difference between the cheaper and more expensive versions. Check out recommendations online for ways to substitute different brands. For example Bourjois cosmetics are made by the same company as Chanel but are considerably cheaper.

Step 5

Time your visit to make the most of discounts and offers. Some stores offer their best discounts just before closing time. If you shop at the right time you can find some real bargains on staple perishable items such as bread and meat.

Step 6

Use vouchers and loyalty cards. Don't let a loyalty card dictate where you do your grocery shopping but if you do shop somewhere regularly then make sure you get their loyalty card and make the most of it.

Tips & Warnings

Once a week check through your fridge and cupboards to make sure no food is going out of date. Save money by not wasting it.