Saving Money Saving Time!

Are you shipping lots of small packages online? If so, I want to share with you a method I use when determining what packaging to use and how to save money using them. Shipping costs can impact your business significantly. Carefully preparing your items and using the correct packaging can help you save lots of time and money.

The USPS offers a variety of shipping boxes and enevelopes. You can get them by visiting your local USPS office or by ordering them online at Make sure you order or pick up a variety of boxes and envelopes based on the size and types of products you sell. The USPS offers Priority, Flat Rate, and Regional Rate Boxes.

You will also need a scale to weigh your packages. If you have a business or ship lots of items it's best to have a scale. Although you can use the scale at the Post Office, it just saves time when you have one at your finger tips. You can get scales online or at your local Walmart or K-Mart stores. I purchased my scale on ebay for about $10.

When choosing which packaging to use be sure to weigh your items. Keep in mind, you can use your own packaging as well (Sometimes you will come out cheaper that way) If you have and item that weights 13 oz. or less it will be better to use your own packaging because these items can be shipped first class which it the cheapest way to ship items.  Any item over 13 oz. will have to be shipped priority mail if it's not media mail. If you have and item over 13 oz. this is the time you need to weigh it using your scale. Once you weigh the item and determine the cost compare it with the cost of the flat rate or regional rate boxes. Whichever box has the best rate use that box. Also make sure that your item(s) can fit comfortably and secure in the box you select. Consider flat-rate shipping for large or heavy items.

Remember, when you use the USPS shipping packaging you can also request FREE pickup Service by visiting their website at






USPS Shipping Boxes