1:- Watch out for unseen fees and extras.

If the rental company has to complete the gas tank after your return, you will pay a silly price per gallon. Always ask that the car be filled up prior to your departure, and then bring it back full of gas. Look out for the taxes that are not included into the offer price list and please read the conditions very carefully of the offer.The best way to avoid the extras is to make the every point clear with renal provider and then take the car in to your hand

2:- Airport rentals are most excellent avoided.

It's often very convenient to rent a car at the airport, but keep in mind that you'll pay for the opportunity. If you're on a business trip, many times you can rent a car from your city center hotel. If you can easily arrange a hotel shuttle or public transportation from airport to front desk, probability are good you'll save money taking delivery off the airport grounds.

3:- Cry off the insurance.

Most travelers know this one, but there is a lot of force to change minds at the rental counter. Companies make big earnings from insurance fees. Some clerks are trained to produce as much nervousness as possible for people who reject it. They will tell them the stories about the failed auto insurance to cover the damages during the recent accident of the past customers. Sometimes they true but not every time. Just verify that your policy covers rentals or not by calling your agent.

4:- In smaller offices, reserve the smallest car possible.

If your destination is a smaller facility or non-hub airport, chances are fine that they have only a few compacts. On several days, they might not have any compacts when customers arrive.

In that situation, if you've reserved a compact, they are forced to give you a free promotion. Many times, you'll move up two categories for no additional charge.

Keep in mind: sometimes you can usually pay an upgrade fee on the spot for a larger car if they call your lie and tell you the compact is ready to go. In larger facilities, where the supply of cars is huge, this plan is far less likely to work. But it might be worth a try if you're willing to risk getting a smaller car.

5:- Shop for quirky deals and special offers

Sometimes they provide you the benefit when you exceed the time limit, suppose you rent the car for 3 days which will cost you $236 USD / $79 USD per day but if more days are added, then assume that the total cost goes up to $361, which is less than $52/day.

It's because of the weekly rate took effect and make the week rental cheap than the daily one.

For that cause, it might be smarter to pick up the car on Thursday, even if you don't really need it until Friday. The Friday rental might come with a weekend rate that is more expensive.