Do you know you can improve your Immune system naturally? Yes, naturally. There are many ways to get you stronger and improve your Immune system. Immune system of our body protects as much as it can from external diseases, problems. It is like a shield to us. So if our shield is weak, we will loose and ultimately fall ill. If you start consulting some people on how to improve your immune system, they will tell you a lot of ideas. Some of them will surely tell you some medicines. I don’t know if they work or not as I have never used them but the point is when our Immune system is natural, so let’s improve it naturally. The following text will explain you how to improve your immune system and avoid cold/Flu naturally as it is well said- Prevention is better than Cure.

              The first thing which everyone tells is to wash your hands frequently before meals, after meals, after coming from outside, after going to toilets etc. This is really important, if you are clean, there are 80% less chances of you catching any disease. The main areas where you can meet germs are telephones, money, doors, public world etc.Yes, money also bring a lot of germs. When you go to a shopkeeper, he will give you the change. It is not necessary that the change he is giving you is free of germs. The latter might have been touched by thousands or even millions of healthy/unhealthy, hygienic/unhygienic, sick people. So whenever you touch your loving money, do wash your hands afterwards.

            If you see many people suffering from cold or sense that it is the Cold season, then you should start taking precautions. During Cold/Flu season it is highly recommended to eat green leafy Vegetables and intake of a lot of Vitamins. Try to minimize your intake of outside food and stick to your home kitchen. If might not know that Garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps to fight Infections. During this season you should start taking hot tea.

Large intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E will keep you away from Cold and Flu. Also, Echinacea is a really great super antioxidant and you can take it in capsule or drops, you can take around 40 drops a day and you will notice that your Cold/Flu symptoms are disappearing. Drink as much water as you can (Try to get Boiled water instead of Simple Water).Normally, If a person drink 8 Glass of clean Boiled water, It would be enough. Honey is also equally important. It helps to fight germs and During Cold/Flu season it is one of the must. You can take honey with Tea (your Hot Tea), From Spoon or in Milk.


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