Did you know that 'every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography?' The industry is such a lucrative one that those holding the ropes do not think twice before putting out their content. Right from rape to child pornography, everything can be found easily in today's internet age. The need to say no to pornography is therefore much more than it was every before.

However, one cannot deny the fact that pornography is quite an addiction and the several rehabs that have mushroomed in the past few years clearly indicate that a large number of people are falling prey to it. But this does not mean that saying no to pornography is not possible.

Below are some tips that will help you to decline pornography and lead a better life.

  • Tip 1 - Seek strength from your faith – There is no religion in the world that promotes pornography. So it is best to look into the roots of your religious sentiments and thereby draw strength from God and his preaching's. Understand that He is always watching you and try and keep clear of the temptation of watching pornography.
  • Tip 2 - Avoid high temptation scenarios- The higher the temptation, the more difficult it gets to fight it off. This is why it is best to avoid situations where you know for sure that you will be exposed to pornography. So watch television with company and ensure that you have locked off the pornography sites. When surfing the net, keep your firewall up and make sure sexual content does not filter its way through.
  • Tip 3 - Seek meaningful relationships – Rather than look for outlets in pornography, try and build a real and meaningful relationship with another person. Pornography is a poor alternative for the real thing and it will help to focus on this aspect of things. Most people who are addicted to pornography state that they enjoy the release of feelings. Pornography is not real and the moment you understand this you will be able to break free from its clutches.
  • Tip 4 - Walk away – The easiest and the best way to avoid pornography is just walk away from it. If someone else is tempting you, say a clear and firm 'no'. If you find yourself in a position where you are exposed to it, simply leave and move away from the problem.
  • Tip 5 - Role models – It will help to keep a clean and pure role model in mind and think of this person when you find the temptation to watch pornography taking over. It is also helpful to remember those that look up to you and how disappointed that will be if they find out. Both these factors are known to be effective in refusing pornography.