Strategies to find and rescue needy dogs before they undergo euthanasia.

Many potential dog owners skip the animal shelters when they are looking for purebreds. If they don’t find what they are looking for they just move on to the puppy store.


If you are looking to get a dog most people just go to the dog store but there are other options.

If you are looking for a particular breed it’s best to go to the shelters that are overwhelmed with dogs. If you get lucky you might find the exact dog that fits your needs.

If you haven't found the dog of your dreams at the pound your next stop should be the no-kill shelters. The no-kill shelters are usually broke because when they take a pet on, it’s a lifelong commitment.

If you can find a pet that you like at a no-kill shelter, you have enabled the no-kill to adopt an animal that was slated for euthanasia at the pound. By taking a pet off of their hand you have opened up a spot for an animal that was overwhelming the pound. You are in effect saving two dogs by doing this.

The next option is to place an ad on craigslist. There are plenty of people that are eager and willing to give their pets away for free. 

Your last option is to call the pet supply stores to see if there are any volunteer animal rescuers that work out of that location. Usually, the volunteers set up outside of the petstores on weekends with their makeshift pet shelters. These pets are free, and the volunteers that work there go to all of the pounds. At the pound the volunteers claim all the puppies and the more desirable dogs. They do this because they know they will be able to place them once they cherry pick the pure breeds. 

By following these steps you should be able to find a dog to love for free. 

Most people don't want to adopt at a pet store for fear that the puppies came from a puppy mill. Then there is the cost, puppies can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. It is possible to find pure breeds at the local and mobile pet shelters, but your best luck is by placing a free ad on craigslist. You can offer to take a puppy off of someone’s hands if they are overwhelmed.

Geographic location also plays a big role. In large cities where space is tight large dogs are unwanted, and in large sprawling countryside townships large dogs are wanted while small dogs are not. Due to the logistics some pounds are swapping dogs depending on trends. Find a shelter that partakes in dog swapping and you are almost guaranteed to find an animal friend. The shelters in the big cities are usually picked dry very quickly of puppies, you may have to trek a shelters in a sparsely populated town in order to find a larger selection of pets. 

Saving a dog or a cat’s life is an act of kindness and a responsible life altering decision. It isn't to be taken lightly.