If you play ice hockey or want to start to play. You need to make sure your hockey stick is the right size. To short or to long a stick can make you miss handle the hockey puck.

Things You Will Need

The first thing you need to do is select the type of hockey stick you want. Hockey sticks come in many different types and brands. You need to determine if you want a one piece hockey stick or one where you put on the hockey blade yourself. You will have to determine what type of shaft you want. Hockey stick come in many different materials. Wood hockey sticks are the cheapest but are also the heaviest. The light weight sticks are made of composites,carbon graphite,titanium and can get very expensive.

Step 1

If you choose to buy the shaft only you will need to get a hockey blade. The blades are inserted into the end of the hockey stick with glue. The blades will have the glue on them so you need a heat gun or blow dryer to melt the glue and push the blade into the end of the hockey stick. You will need to decide if you want to shoot right or left handed. Hockey blades come in both types of curve. The more curve you have the better it is to shoot and pass but it is harder to shoot a backhand shot. The curve of the hockey blade puts more spin on the puck and the shot or pass should come from the center to the tip of the blade.

Step 2

hockey stick You need to have to proper length of the hockey stick To long a stick can make you skate to erect and to short a stick can make you skate bent over. You lose some puck control with to long a stick. The best way if your starting out is to measure the stick with your skates on. The hockey stick should just touch the bottom of your chin straight down to the floor. You can also buy plugs to put into the end of the stick to make it longer. When in the proper skating position the bottom of the blade should be flat on the ice. After you have skated with the hockey stick look at the bottom of the stick for wear this will show you if the stick is the right length and blade. The wear should be even across the bottom of the blade. Array

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to tape the blade of the stick with cloth tape this is a for safety if the blade breaks and helps control the puck on the blade.