Creating your own Masterpiece Booklet

How many poems, short stories or recipes have you put on your computer and forgotten or wondered if you can make a small booklet out of it. If you have written a collection of anything at all then this is for you. It is simpler than you may realise to self print a collection of poems into your own little booklet.

How to BookletCredit: Titan's Photography

Below are the instructions on how to make your own self published collection into that booklet.
If you wrote your poems in Word then go to Preview and check how your printed booklet will look. I am referring to your book of pages only. The cover will be printed later. Make sure you don't have the title on the bottom of a page and then the details on the next. Presentation is very important.

Have you inserted the page no's? I usually click on Insert on the insert menu when that opens click on page no's. Click on bottom of page then click on centre so the numbers are positioned in the centre on the bottom of the page.

If you are completely satisfied, go to print. Now check: what size booklet are you printing a 4, 8, or 16 page booklet. Make sure the page settings are correct. Then check whether you want it in colour if you have pictures, (remember to limit the amount of coloured pictures as they use a lot of ink).

Always look at the preview before printing so you have everything looking right. You would not want half a picture on one page and half on the next one. If you want the pictures in good color then you may want photo print. This will also use more ink for the text as well.

If it is all text then quick or draft may be enough. Do a test and see what your particular printer is best suited to. Beware; make sure that you have selected the A4 size paper, if that is what you are using. I use A4.

If your printout is incorrect, go back through all the settings until you have it correct. It is so easy to make mistakes the first time around. I still make the odd error by not double-checking. Believe me; sometimes I think the computer has a mind of its own. Write down all the settings for your particular printer, that way you can check before printing that you haven't made an error. All printers settings will vary.

Print your Cover Page Separate

By writing and printing your cover page separately you can use coloured sheets that are thicker than your normal paper to protect your book.

Again you need to set up your page settings. Do it the same as for your typed pages. This time you need to design your front page. Once that is done, hit the enter key until it goes down to the third page. This means that in fact you have your cover page, then a blank page. On the bottom of third page I state that my book is copyrighted. N & N Publications

I also add inside back cover – Other books by same author And then enter the names.


Booklet and author detailsCredit: Titan's Photography

You may want to give thanks to the photographer, or a researcher that has helped compile your booklet, and add the year of publishing. Plus you can add the names of other books you have written. You can put this inside your front or back cover or on the first written page.

It depends how you want to display your details. Again you will need to set it up in your print set up.

Double-check all the details, I have been caught and printed the cover and forgotten a setting so it printed out completely different to what I needed.

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How to Sell your Booklets

Earn money by selling your precious new booklet. This is not easy in the beginning. Your family and friends may give you leads. You need to keep updating whatever leads you can find as new businesses are starting up everyday. Once you have contacts, look after that person.

Make arrangements to refill their stands with your masterpiece when they require it. Don't let your clients down. They are your bread and butter so take care of them.

If you have a direct mailing list, keep addresses and personnel up to date. Wrong information may cost you sales. You may need to buy leads from various sources.

Search through telephone directories for businesses that you can service with your particular booklet. Newspapers and phone directories is another asset. New businesses have great potential, like you they don't have a steady supply of information and resources until they become known.

In regards to my booklet for aviaries, I contacted various bird clubs, pet shops and veterinary services. You could also put booklets out on consignment, when they sell them then they can pay you and refill their stock. Make sure you know exactly how many copies of your booklets that you leave with each prospective client. Lost records could be expensive.

The chamber of commerce has a list of organizations and if you are a member it won't cost as much as non-members for lists of contacts.

Your local council may be able to help with lists of organizations and their details. Libraries are another resource of information.
Selling begins with your leads, so the more aggressive you are at following up leads from people or contacts the more your sales will grow.

You could suggest, (like I did) to include an advertisement in your booklet in return they could display and sell your merchandise. You can sell over the Internet like eBay. Beware of the sites you use, make sure it has good security. Offer incentives to your regular customers to buy again, by reducing the rate if they buy quantities. Whatever way you sell, follow-up on each customer to make sure they are happy with your product. Perhaps they will order more.

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Keep Accurate Records

It is important to keep accurate records. It will depend on how and where you sell as to what kind of record keeping you do.

If you put your book out on consignment (that is leaving books in shops until sold) then you will have to write down that John Brown has 10 Booklets and the date left there, then get the manager or whoever to sign that they accepted that amount. When you return to the shop in a month or so count the books and make sure you are paid for books sold and enter the amounts in your book, again get their signature.

Repeat this action each time you return. It is a good idea to keep one section in each book for each customer.

You will need a receipt book to show that the client paid, when and how much. This helps you with your records as well.

If you use the Internet be very careful that you are using a secure site for sales, and keep similar records. Again you may sell to friends, schools, and clubs. Wherever or whoever you sell to, keeping accurate records is a must.
Money spent

Without keeping accurate records of the money spent, you won't know how much your book has cost to produce, therefore you won't know how much to charge either.

To name a few expenses:

  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Postage
  • Phone calls
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Special papers for covers

I don't include my time as I enjoy doing this as a hobby. Maybe if I sell millions then I would have to rethink that part into my planning.

I hope you enjoy self publishing your collections of poems, home recipies or even your collection of short stories into a booklet. That is unless you get around to writing your own novel then of course you will need a publisher.

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Create Your Masterpieces into e-books

What with modern technology there are more and more people creating these types of books and even novels into e-books. If you are thinking along these lines then go to and check out how to create your own e-books so you can sell for kindle readers.

Once you have successfully uploaded them you can offer them for free so readers can see what kind of a writer you are.  Good luck which ever way you decide to go with your writing.