Selling jewelry online is easier than you might think. It requires knowledge of marketing and a list of sources. Your strategy should be different depending on what type of jewelry you are selling, but the amount of money you get depends mainly on how you market your jewelry.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Post on free sites to start. Depending on how quickly you need to sell your jewelry, you can save money by posting your item on a free site. Sites like Craigslist do not charge any fee to post an item with pictures. Sites like eBay allow you to reach a larger customer base, but charge a fee.

Step 2

Take photos of your jewelry. Make sure you have a digital camera when taking pictures of jewelry. The photos of jewelry need to be clear and descriptive. Collectors and buyers are more likely to buy the jewelry if they can make out the pictures. This will let them know your not trying to hide anything.

Step 3

Sell on auction sites. Search for auctioning sites like eBay and others. These sites allow you to post your items on the site for a small fee. You are very likely to sell jewelry on these sites because you can reach millions of customers and collectors.

Step 4

Make sure the listing is correct. Try to list the item as clearly and simply as possible. The way you list your item can decide how quickly it sells. If your item description is inaccurate or confusing, you can impact the decision of a buyer.

Step 5

Check the sites legitimacy. If you sell on a lesser known site, make sure to check with the Better Business Beureau for complaints. Some sites on the internet will try to scam your jewelry, for this reason, you should always check each site before trusting them with your items.

Step 6

Get someone to sell it for you. Certain businesses will sell your jewelry for you in exchange or a fee. This fee depends on what percentage they charge. The fee is usually between five and ten percent of the item's selling price. It's always better to try to sell it yourself first, because these people will be using the same methods as you to sell the jewelry.


Tips & Warnings